Important Changes to Okui

Hello, I am CystalCore Ex Okui dev, we added some new people to the team and stuff didn’t work out, they are moving engine and I am leaving the team, so I thought I would share what I made with godot.

None of the assets here will be used in the official game, and I am not posting this out of malice, I just don’t want everything I worked on to go to waste.

Dev story wise we restarted the project around the start of the year and I made huge progress on the back end of things, but the project stalled and they wanted to move the game to a new engine that I don’t like to use so we split connection.

But Okui is not dead and I hope they make a good game even without me.

Here is a link to the scrapped version, mainly to push the team to make something more fun then this, it shouldn’t be too hard.

If you want help with any Godot project just let me know


Well, it was playable, that’s for sure. shame you had to move engines and all. Did like the wall bouncing mechanic.


Glad you liked the wall bounce idea

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definitely enjoyed messing around in this little crude demo, had a good bit of fun experimenting, the wall bounce idea a unique one, could see some puzzles involving it


Good to see it’s still alive and kicking, I was bought on for writing story, but the game never got around to the point where that was priority and ended up going MIA. Now that my time is dedicated to a full time job, I can’t really reserve time to actively work on a game consistently.

I wish you guys the best on the game’s future!

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Crystal, they kicked you from the project??? I’m so sorry that happened! I hope things go better for you next time. I played the scrapped version and it was adorable! Take a rest, you deserve it, and keep your chin up! I, at least, am rooting for you!

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I left of my own choice, mainly due to changes the group wanted to make. I had the choice to stay and decided not to due to the new engine they wanted to use. I don’t agree with choice the devs of the Engine make and I don’t like how their engine is implemented, it is a good engine but is has some basic lazy mistakes that drive me insane.

Thanks for the well wishes, but there is no harm and no foul here.