**[IMPORTANT]** Switching to an SSO and the Next Game Jam!

So before I start off here I want to apologize for not getting the next income statement out. The last declined payment got resolved around Thursday, but I came down with a bit of a cold and it caused me to just not want to touch any paperwork this weekend. I will have it out some time next week though.

Transition to SSO

With the production of the main site beginning to pick back up we started to think again about the SSO system. This system will provide all of our users the convenience of only having to sign in once and being signed into the forum, the main site, and any other services we may provide in the future. This is not a trivial change though and is expected to cause a fair amount of inconvenience and disruptions to our users for at least a couple of weeks after it is done. Due to this we decided we should get it out of the way as soon as possible and before the Game Jam since we tend to get a flood of new users during that time and the more users we have the harder the transition becomes. So we are aiming to transition to the SSO by the last week of May to the first week of June.

Now depending on how you created your account or if you have attached 3rd party sign in options like google you will be required to do one of two things.

  1. For those who created their account or linked their account with a 3rd party service like Google or Github just sign in like normal with the 3rd party service. The SSO should automatically recreate and re-link with your forum account.

  2. For those who created a traditional account (email) you will have to re-register with the site. Once you recreate your account it will automatically re-link with the forum account and you will be able to operate as normal. Keep in mind though you must re-register with the same email you used on your original account! If you use a diffrent email the system will not be able to link with your old account and you will instead be given a new account.

We will make another post with more info and begin sending out emails around 1 week before we do the transition.

The Next Fat Fortnight Game Jam

On the other side, @kilif and I really want to do another game jam for you all even if we may not be able to offer much in terms or prizes. So we are planning on holding another game jam in the near future, but we want to get feed back from all of you on when we should host it and what its duration is. So here is a little poll for everyone to give their feed back!

When should we hold the next game jam?

  • Mid July (starts around the 15th)
  • Late July (starts around the 29th)
  • Early August (starts around the 5th)
  • Mid August (starts around the 12th)
  • Late August (starts around the 19th)

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How long should the next game jam be?

  • 2 weeks
  • 1 week
  • 72 hours

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We will leave these polls open for about 2 weeks.

I’m interested in what happens if you have a Gmail account but didn’t connect the Gmail account to the WeightGaming account.

If the gmail account is not connected then it would be considered by the system as scenario 2 (email). You can link your Gmail account after creation though under your users preferences though if you wish.

This should be obvious but I’m just gonna throw out a reminder: Absolutely make sure you have a strong backup of the site saved before starting any large-scale maintenance. You never know and it’d suck to have to lose stuff again like when this version of the site replaced the last (though that was a much different circumstance).

Also, I’m voting the jam is at least in early August. Too many “real” games are coming out in late June and I will be distracted by all of them lol (hello Bloodstained and Judgment).

Yep, and we have no problem there. Not only will we backup before we make the SSO switch but thanks to everyone’s support we keep 3 months worth of backups (at a period of 7 days per backup) stored off site via Amazon’s S3 service.

These backups are also being used to setup test servers that we are using to test the SSO transition to ensure we have as many kinks worked out as possible before we go live with it.

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