Important WG Announcement

Hello Project Quimbly Fans,

I know many of you would like to see some prime WG content in Project Quimbly. I am happy to announce that in these next 2 updates we are planning to add 2 characters that gain weight. for the upcoming update they will be in the game but not intractable. but in the one after you will be able to stuff a specific character until they gain weight. Also we are adding a side character who will get fatter each time the MC sees them. We try to get an update out every month so stay tuned : )!

Thank you all for enjoying Project Quimbly.


Oh hey, I just found this game on deviantart I think? It seemed pretty neat, and the expansion aspects were pretty hot, but like, every time I used the shop it would freeze when I went anywhere else. Then again I’m not sure I had the newest version, but still. Glad to see there is going to be more of it.


It gets updated monthly, if you want to keep progress you can join the discord or check out the itch page

Discord: Project: Quimbly

Itch: Project: Quimbly Alpha by TeamQuimbly

I hope we fixed your problem : )

Team Quimbly

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Hmm, I noticed a terminal in my home, are there command line style commands you can enter into it? Like say maybe a cheat to get money? (I got bored of the job-minigame.)

If, yes, mind telling us the terminal command for money?

all the commands are sadly patron only right now… Sorry about that it’s just that patreons felt as though they weren’t getting enough benefits