In case anybody is feeling a bit stressed...

Assuming the pressure is getting to any of you folks, which is given in a society driven by a constant desire to improve and create, I’d just like to say to anybody out there pushing too much to take a break, if you can. Finding balance between work and life is an ongoing process most people don’t work on too much. Just know, if it’s even for a little bit, give yourself some time, and maybe ask help from others just in case something is too much for you. Although, there are three tarot cards that might help out.

“The Fool” can always start their journey anew.
“The Magician” never knows every solution
“Strength” doesn’t always mean to succeed, but to persevere.

I hope you folks take care of yourselves, and that I don’t end up regretting giving this pseudo-PSA…


omygosh, you created this post in right time ;-; haha, it’s funny, because I’m so stressed right now and I found this topic… thank you!! (I also love tarot cards)

the reason why I’m stressed - I’ve found a Gain Jam contest just yesterday and I have only 4 days to finish my game and join. I very want to try and join with my friend, but I have so much things to do, to make this perfect or finished at least!! (it requires a lot of drawings from my part)
And I try to balance between of work and pauses for food/rest, but this is so hard. Even sleeping is pretty hard, because I’m too serious about contest and I’m feeling the pressure because of deadline… rip

(sorry, just really wanted to share my feelings with someone… I needed this. As I said, you created this topic in perfect time for me qwq)

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Hey, thank you for making this post, I’ve been dealing with an unusual amount of stress lately and reading this helped me more than you’d probably know.

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