In need of BYOND coders

Hi, I would like to know if any coder is interested in helping us in making some fat and inflation related content in Space Station 13.

If you are willing to participate please contact me through Discord Drilling Friend#9728 or join our Discord server. Gain Station 13

Going to show our progress this far.
Fat Sprite:

Blueberry Sprite:

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Definitely give the server a check, it’s a fun place!

please we need help i cant keep making all these sprites if no one is gonna code in these fatty sprites ;(


the post mus t be 20 characters long so this is filler

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So is the Space Station 13 server geared towards male or female weight gain? Just curious

it’s geared toward both, my man

Both indeed :stuck_out_tongue: we hope to be pretty inclusive …

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I see thanks for the response! I think I’ll check you guys out tomorrow and see what the server is like then

It’s headed towards both, we need to satisfy both males and females! :smiley:

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