In Need of Volunteer Programmers and Other Positions for an Expansion Simulator type game.

We currently have a small (and I mean small, about 3 people) who have an idea for an Expansion Simulator game and we need volunteers! Programmers mainly but we could also do with 3D Modelers and really any other position is free for the taking! DM for info and we will give you our team’s Discord to discuss everything.

Hi. I work as a game developer and don’t mind helping here and there. I am pretty busy with work to be honest, but I’d be able to give it a few hours over the weekend if that’s okay.

Any help would be appreciated, just DM us and we can get into contact with you

Ok, I think I may be menu blind, because I’ve been trying to find a dm button for 10 minutes. Can you help me with that? :smiley:

You click on the profile and hit the message button, simple as that.

Oh, big problem then, I can’t see a button there. Just the profile name. Can you send me a message in that case? I think I should be able to respond to that

I think new accounts don’t have all the features and thus need to meet a certain activity threshold.

Would love to help! I’d primarily be interested in programming and 3D modelling, if those are positions that you still need filled!