In regards to the termination of Axxis Gaming.

For all those who have not yet heard it’s time I break a sad bit of news, Earlier this week my channel was terminated by Youtube for violation of Terms Of Service due to the content I make.


For 4 years I have been making videos for my channel, at first it started as a place to upload my speedrun verification videos but over time I diversified the channel and eventually found this community. Since finding this place my primary content changed towards WG and Inflation fetish related games as not only were the videos very popular but the community surrounding the games I would play is very welcoming and even thankful for the let’s plays I recorded of them. I had no issues with any of my uploads and had never even received a strike or a warning on the channel until my channel was terminated because of the games I played. This isn’t the first time Youtube has removed a channel from our community either, Earlier this year a rising star in the let’s play side of the community called Belly Expansion City also got terminated while sitting around 5k subscribers, If you visit his channel it states that he was terminated for the exact violation that I was. This has not only affected me but it has affected you guys as well since alot of you reading this found the community through my channel and even found and played games because of my let’s plays, I have had developers reaching out and thanking me personally for showing off their games in the past and bringing eyes to their projects for a wider audience outside of the site and beyond.

Anxiety Woes

This recent termination has also been a cause of anxiety to other let’s players and video content creators in the community as there is a bad feeling they might be next on the youtube hitlist. To those creators please try not to panic in this time of uncertainty but I should advise you start posting on multiple other video platforms of your choice in order to hedge your content incase of a Youtube takedown. I made the mistake of not doing this when my channels content started getting riskier and losing 4 years worth of videos made me a victim of bad hindsight.

Youtubes Glacial Decline

Over the years everybody has witnessed Youtubes slow and painful descent from being a platform for expressing yourself to turning its most successful creators into walking talking advertiser friendly husks that refuse to break rank and try something new. It feels like every other video you watch is either sponsored or loaded with too many advertisements ironically telling you to buy something to stop the advertisements which is why I would never be open to video interrupting sponsorships and I did my best to keep ads to a minimum for your viewing pleasure. Youtube for the last few years has been like a childhood best friend who became an alcoholic and as much as everyone else gave up on them there are those who hang around to try and improve them because they remember the good times together and now even I have given up hope for it’s future.

The Future

This event has made me realise that I need to start again and I currently have a plan on how to do just that to continue doing what I do. I’ve been open to alot of suggestions to where to post content and I’ve decided that I’m going to be posting on Patreon, LBRY Odyssey, SubscribeStar and Vimeo. I’m always open to other options in the future and folks have even suggested sites like Pornhub, Newgrounds and Dailymotion but I’ll take the restart 1 step at a time. I’ll be taking a week to compose myself and set everything up ready for return as well as to set up dedicated social media incase of future issues.

Closing Notes

This is honestly the toughest thing I have had to go through as part of this wonderful community and I hope in future it never happens again. I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who reached out in the passed few days with messages of support and advice, I would also like to thank all of the dev’s that made my channels success possible in the first place, I will be replaying all the games that were featured on my channel over the years in order to catch up as well as do alot of my speedrun times from scratch again, it’s going to be a long journey and I hope you guys stick around for it.

Once again thank you for your continued support.



Wishing you the best of luck getting back on your feet via whatever platform you choose.


Sorry about this man, I loved your YT channel. In fact, like you said, the reason I found this place was all because of one of your videos. I hope you and everyone can recover from this setback.

@Axxis, you’re not the only one affected by YouTube’s terminations. An animator I knew named ZeroGhostRei was also terminated, and because of her channel being killed by YouTube’s staff, I will never upload anything on my channel as long as I live. She mostly did Mario stuff, but sometimes delved into other series like Sonic and One Piece. She’s still on DeviantArt, and uploaded a majority of her videos that were released from 2016 to 2019 on there ever since getting Core. There are still some missing such as the original versions of the videos that were remastered as part of her Deluxe series, but she’ll probably upload them in the near future on her DA account. She’s also makes fanart on her DA, featuring OCs like a Mario-centered one based on the Power Balloon (or P-Balloon as it was called before SMM2’s final update), a bubblegum-blowing skateboarder (who I think is named after an ingredient used in store-bought food that has the word “gum” in the name), and a goth girl with an attitude (in one, she’s inflated while flipping the viewer off), as well as characters like Princess Peach and what have you. Anyway, she’s the reason why I wanted to upload stuff to YouTube, but thanks to the same policies you and her suffered, I don’t want to upload anything to the site, ever. It’s kind of like how Tumblr ended up after the NSFW Purge of 2018. Anyway, I hope you recover from your channel’s termination…


I have found a brand new home on Vimeo and will be posting SFW stuff there and NSFW stuff from February 1st 2022 on pornhub.

Vimeo: Vimeo

If Vimeo’s your choice, so be it. Also, I’ve never visited pornhub, and never will.

interesting stand to take on the message board of a fetish site

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Pornhub screwed over tons of small content creators with their purge.

How come you’ve never visited pornhub?

What happened was they purged non-verified content due to amount of content theft happening on the site from other creators. Making verified channels to post mandatory to prevent theft.