Incorporating visual weight gain elements into a cooking restaurant game

I’m thinking about starting making a game where it would use simplified “papa’s” game series mechanics as the game part and some type of talking with the customers who would gain over time as the weight gain part of the game.
You would cook waffles for the customers, but using the favourite ingredients of each customer and using more fattening ingredients you will cause them to gain weight over the span of the game. You can choose to buy weight gain powder and add it to the dough to increase the speed at which they gain.

The problem is that I’m unsure on how I would incorporate the weight gain aspect of the game so it’s fun and satisfying.
My first idea was a visual novel type thing where you could choose taking options when the customer is ordering and doing some small talk and maybe even talking to the customers while they’re at the tables eating.
I want for the player to have a short conversation with the customer and have a few options at least once during it. I also want for the customer’s drawn sprite be at least visible from the knees up. In visual novels both things are solved, but I don’t know if thst format would be the best, new takes on common things in games are goos just because of their freshness.

For the things I would appreciate in your feedback are the ways to solve the dialogues and maybe some other fun and fitting mechanics, scenarios, themes etc. for the game in general.


Sprites which visible from the knees up could be generated with AI.

Sure, but if I ever decide to do that, I’d only use them for the concept stage of the game. The final game will have drawn characters.

Well, if you are an artist then of course better to draw sprites.