Incorrect Statements

Loving the update. Anyway, down to business:

I’ve noticed stats changing wildly for reasons I can’t be sure of. Here’s some examples:

Stats changing between town and tower. I’m certain it’s not because of the hungry/full/stuffed statuses though.
Was told character was too fat for armor after resizing it from a L to an XL. Was triggered by the buffet scene, but I was able to put the armor right back on and it read as being loosely fitting, which should be accurate.
During a level up, I added 5 points to will power and it jumped 15.
Noticed sometimes a character starts with 6 in stats instead of 5? Never noticed this before if it’s intentional or from an older update.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

The clothing system is pretty buggy in general and I haven’t gotten around to looking at it in a while.

As for the stats, perhaps you have Warrior’s Battlecry activated when moving between town and tower, and when adding stat points? It increases Willpower by 5% for every kill you get in the tower and deactivates when you return to town.

The last one with the stat starting as 6 instead of 5 its strange, that shouldn’t be happening. It might also be because the Battlecry buff is carrying over to a new character from an old character you were playing it?

This was throughout the game but maybe my account is hazy. I’m fairly certain it wasn’t because of the battlecry. Though, now that you mention it, I wasn’t aware the battlecry ability actually increased the Willpower stat in a way I could see.