Incremental Feast

A simple and unbalanced incremental game where a bunch of goblins feed a birb a lot of food. Every time the day ends, it suddenly resets with your progress being converted into currency for upgrades. Do you have the patience to feed the birb to her fullest?

Formalities aside, this will be the first proper game I’ve finished, and also the most unbalanced. I had a lot of fun actually playtesting and coding the game, but don’t expect me to appear again. I’m going to link what I used to make this game as well just because I think It’s a great and simple thing, and If you enjoy the game, thank you very much for playing.

Wildcards: Progress through failure, Minions

Used in development: Pixelbox by Cedric Stoquer


It’s amusing how the first few runs are very slow, but then once you cross a certain threshold it spirals out of control very quickly.

The green pip seems to stop at 3/4 full, even when I’m getting 100,000 food per sec; is that intended to be the max point?

Cute game, thanks for sharing.

Actually, the max is an unrealistic 99,999,999. I wouldn’t be surprised if people don’t bother to get it, but it’s very much achievable.

As for the spiraling out of control, I’ve always loved exploiting games to cause similar unbalance, so when I noticed the game itself was easy to ‘tip over the edge’, I decided to keep it that way for fun. Might fix it some year, who knows.


In that case only request I’d have is for holding down a button to count as rapidly clicking it, as getting a pile of upgrades quickly gets a little tough on the button finger.

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I will absolutely attempt to figure out how to raw code that when I get the chance.

I had a lot of fun with this, so much that I even went for the max weight level.

Definitely worth it, although my wrists hurt a little after tapping keys so much.

I really liked the premise, especially alongside the broken balancing. Hitting the system’s tipping point was pretty cathartic too and having that absurd 4th threshold was a nice way to put the seriously busted stats to good use.

I was a unsure quite what some of the upgrades and interface elements meant, but that wasn’t much of an issue because I’d worked out my way into instant transmission goblins pretty quickly.

Nice job, well done!

It warms my heart to know that you enjoyed seeing the game fall apart as it is intended to do. As for the upgrades, I might as well mention what each one was, left to right, top to bottom

+Goblin speed: adds .1 pixels to the movement of goblins. The base is .1, so you can see why that’s big to start off with.
+time: adds 1 second to the amount of time you have
+goblin: adds 1 starting goblin. They’re all spawned in the exact same frame, so they kinda make a super goblin
+food: Increases the starting value of food by 1
+goblin plates: single purchase, but doubles the value of food after all other modifiers
+Fast Forward: single purchase, doubles the movement rate of the goblins and timer pip

+LOCKED: ???


I feel this summarises the game nicely:



Cute little game. Yes, the upgrades do spiral out of control quite quickly, and especially the goblin speed helps in that regard.

I have to admit that my keyboard has a built-in autoclicker, so I could already test the “hold Z to keep upgrading” part, and with that I got to the point where our birdy was stuffed to the gills in under a second in about 3-4 runs.

With some balancing changes, I can see this one becoming a neat little timekiller. (Maybe try logarithms for awarding coins.) And I’m curious about what’s behind that 7th upgrade.


Really neat game, goblins going at light speed to feed is always fun to watch.

It’s amusing that you had to get to such a point just to reach the final image. It would be nice if the bird girl spoke out or taunted the player upon the time finishing, teasing of still being hungry or not full enough even with the absurd amount consumed.

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So, what does the ‘apple’ button under the ‘spawn goblin’ button on the main game screen do? I can’t figure that out.

That increases the points given for food delivered, at certain intervals, it changes the apples to fish and then later to cake

For some reason it’s not responding when I input commands.
As in it’s just a static image for me right now.

Did you make sure to click on the game first??

Yes I did.
I don’t know if it’s the fact that my browser is showing that it has an update ready that’s stopping it from working or not, but I’ll try updating it to get it to work.

Yeah, it was the update thing stopping it.

Well this game is so fast I hit the cap in less then ten minutes but I do wish there were a Bigger sizes.

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A good start for an incremental game. Some QoL changes like a hold to buy, slight balance changes, and soem absurdly massive sizes for the bird will go a long way to improve it.

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Was a nice short experience.

Gonna parrot what pretty much everyone else is saying the the hold to buy and pacing. I do like the sprites though.

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