Inflation Content Ideas

Working on a mod for a game that will eventally have inflation content, my question is for those who enjoy inflation content:
What sort of content/situations/things about inflation do you like to see in a game?

Some possible examples of inflation content:
-Belly expansion
-Asset expansion
-Overall Full body expansion
-Water inflation
-Gas/Air inflation
-Magic inflation?
-Becoming Very light, possibly floating
-Possible popping?
-Bodily noises (Burping, sloshing, ect.)

There are several other different things but overall I wanted to know what about inflation do you like to see in game? What sort of content ideas that involve inflation or situations are you looking for. While I do like belly inflation, I wanted to get some opinions from those who specifically like inflation content and what sort of things you are looking for in that content. Thanks!


I prefer paragraphs № 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 , 9 ( but so that it was not a pity ), 10 (sloshing);
I didn’t understand par. 2.

Oh boy. Possibly too long reply that might piss people off, here I come!

I’m just gonna talk personally. Just gonna list what I like and ignore what I don’t. (If you’ve seen me before on the site, you probably already know I’m not the hugest fan of WG, so it doesn’t bear repeating.)

Personally, I like it when a belly goes from small to big, but only temporarily. The process and fleeting nature of it are a big part of it to me.

I like bloating (inflation with liquids), inflation (inflation with air or some other kind of gas, but not to a cartoony extent, like when they start to blow up like a hot air balloon and float away), stuffing (inflation with food, that doesn’t have to result in WG), and preg (if I have to explain what this is to you… you probably shouldn’t be on this website).

In addition to all that, I like the sounds (gulps, gurgles, sloshes, the whole nine yards), and this is the big polarizer, I love popping/bursting, but only if it’s not fatal (not to say I don’t like gory pops, quite the contrary, I just don’t like death in my kink shit).

I hope that this probably too long comment from a guy that people probably hate has helped you out even a bit, and I can’t wait to see more from you.

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Personally I don’t really have a preference between belly, butt, breast, or full body, it just depends on my mood. Although if I was forced to pick I would say full body. I like magic inflation because it can allow for much greater creativity in situations, rather than the niche situations needed for vanilla air or liquid. One thing that I do have a stronger position on is the idea of inflation affecting gameplay. I think that is really easy to screw up the affects inflation can have on movement. Such as water slowing you down to a ridiculous degree, or air making the controls more floaty (which I understand may be the point, but is still frustrating from a mechanical perspective, particularly when it is used as a incentive and not a punishment.)

I don’t really like lethal popping in any situation (along with pain, harm, or death resulting from inflation.) If it is included, I still think it should be optional. I don’t really mind bodily noises by any means, even though I don’t really like it myself, but a toggle in the settings is always appreciated. Personally I would like to see some more accidental inflation situations in games, as may games do it now, it is either on purpose or unintended a side effect of a potion or something. I don’t really know why, but there is something I find charming about a situation like; “Uh oh, I dropped the hose. Hose flies into mouth”.

I hope this proves insightful, rather than just some rambling.


I like all the things you just listed, TBH.

Your list seems pretty complete, but I think something pretty obvious would be tearing or popping of clothing and tightness of it, and also maybe not stated because it’s also kinda obvious, but being inflated from the various kinki orifices of the human body like mouth, butt, and maybe less realistically, but through vagina or nipples if you’re into that I guess??

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Very cool! But if I may ask, what game are you making this mod for?

Thanks all, great feedback. I’ll keep an eye for more if people have more ideas but this does help with figuring out how to impliment things. I’m working on a mod for a game called lacto escape where I plan to have weight gain/stuffing, pregnancy, and or inflation mechanics. My weakest point for ideas was on inflation so I wanted to get ideas from the community. If I do add popping elements to the game, it will be non-leathal.

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Maybe for inflation is some “weight” inflation where the character has to be a sort of heavy to activate a pressure plate or to slow certain objects down (though this may mean air/gas inflated physics may be needed while water could act like a trampoline). Could lead to interesting puzzle ideas.

Maybe like a milkshake item or ice cream that may cause it, then again it may require a few tweaks of how the other inflations work.


Kanto Ruki’s Gain Jam game does that already.

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I enjoy belly and asset expansion. Regarding inflation, my favorite things to see a character get inflated with are (NSFW warning) eggs, semen, and breast milk. On the other hand, air and water inflation hardly do anything for me, and I can’t stand popping.

You’ll be inflate a main character or some units?

I’m definitely in favor of seeing popping implemented.

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Ok, I have another question for inflation fans? Would you prefer inflation content as a reward (ex: drinking a potion causing you to inflate) or as a punishment? (ex: seting off a trap causing the player to inflate)

(Note that I’m more into liquid inflation than air) I think it should be a mechanic with both good and bad consequences. Lets say a character eats a blueberry. They find themselves much larger and dealing lots of damage with their size. But as they get even bigger, they start to have a really hard time walking. Thankfully, at maximum size, they can just roll around and literally crush enemies with their weight. But, one of the enemies they rolled over had a pin, causing them to burst and be sent to the start of the level.

Depends on the game and whichever would fit better.
My personal favorite though is when the player has control over it, since I can’t stand RNG reliance in lewd games.
Fuck having to step on traps and hope I get something I like.

Thanks, while I am somewhat limited in design for the game I am working on, I was originally planning on making it more of a reward system with a few side effects. That said however I’m not afraid to throw in a few traps. Ideally its a sort of balance where inflation brings perks but go too far and you will face side effects to possible non-leathal popping and having to restart.

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I agree that it should be both a punishment and reward.
Well, a reward for us anyway. I’m sure Lacto won’t be too thrilled either way.
I’d also like to see it implemented into the puzzles.
Like, for example, a room with an Alice in Wonderland style “Drink Me bottle”. Lacto drinks from the bottle and starts to bloat. Then she finds that the only way to leave the room is to get big enough to appease the fairy in the room or something, but you have to be careful. Because if you drink too much you’ll pop and be sent back to the rest area.
I’m sure you could come up with a better scenario than that, it’s just an example, lol.
Hope development on the game is going well.

3, 5, 7, 9, and 10 are the best ideas for me.

I’m personally only interested in belly expansion. The means for which this happens doesn’t really matter as all of them have their own unique perks.

Air could make the player lighter and faster, but also the controls could be more slippery as a result.

Water could make the player much slower as water is heavy as heck.

Magic could have all sorts of effects, from random surges of belly growth to gaining random items, to gaining curses. Or it could just be a neutral belly growth without any benefits or drawbacks.

Not sure what you mean by Stretching really? If you mean like they feel stretched out and tight, then that’s a definite yes from me! Bodily noises can be fun as well so long as they’re not too often and not too rude. (I.E. I wouldn’t want to hear the character be farting the whole time :p)

As for whether it should be a reward or a punishment… I mean for the players who are into inflation, it’s going to be a reward regardless, but unless the main character is into it; it might make more sense to have it be a punishment. A fun idea could be that the in universe creators of some of the puzzles thought of inflation as a reward for whatever reason, but for the main character it just means that their belly ends up being bigger, fuller, and tighter.

Other lewder ideas could involve needing to take in a certain amount of substance in order to progress through a door, or having enemies inflate the main character, or having cursed areas that result in a slow but continuous growth.