Inflation games on steam

Hello i am here to find a game on steam that can help accommodate to the fetishes that i have and i decided to come here for help. So does anyone know any good games? ( I’ve already played and finished tribal hunter so please do not recommend it.)

Off the top of my head:

  1. Last Evil - cumflation
  2. Project Quimbly - inflation, stuffing, and cumflation. Water enemas have been removed, but I THINK they’re bringing them back eventually?
  3. KoboldKare - food/fluid stuffing, cumflation, eggflation, lots of size/shape-changing consumables. (Game’s awful, though.)
  4. Flora & Sauna - includes basically every nasty internet fetish from some fairly deep niches on the internet, and most aren’t avoidable. I mean it, major content warning here. Thread-related, there’s cumflation and unbirth, plus some transformations, too.
  5. Moddable games like Starbound, Fallout, Elder Scrolls
  6. Breeders of the Nephelym - some cumflation, lots of pregnancy
  7. FarmD - content warning: you fuck large animals that barely pass the Harkness Test. There’s cumflation in the game, though. Cumflation for you (if the animal has a peen) or for the animal (if you cum enough.) At least your fuckbuddy is a selectable race, you pick between a wingless dragon and a gryphon, though I think there’s more now?
  8. Smasher and the will of the thiccs (or whatever it’s called) - WG that basically just is full-body inflation, and there’s a blueberry mode after you beat the game.

KoboldKare is what bugs me the most, the game had a ton of promise, but then went down this kind of spiral where the dev seemed to lose sight of what they were doing.
The game used to be fun, now it’s this weird thing where they market the game as being some kind of silly Gmod thing full of silly squishy stretchy bouncing kobolds, but then the game’s “main quest” has you working like a tired slave for probably an IRL week, managing kobolds you don’t care about and doing things with the kobolds that are probably direct turnoffs for you, while most of the fun mechanics are locked behind an awful grind, the story, or RNG.
Part of what started the downward spiral was the dev changing the game to be open-source to coax people into modding the game, but you can’t do that kind of thing with such a niche game, the game’s just not popular enough to draw in anything but a handful of ported models and a custom map or two.


i also want to add on to this doughball descent. this is an arcade rouge-like with a focus on weight gain.

hasn’t been updated for a good while even though there was mention of a complete overhaul of the game due to a snowball effect where after enough upgrades the game’s challenge became non-existant. and the only way to lose after that point is getting stuck.

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Tribal Hunter is a fully-featured platformer with inflation, weight gain, and soft vore.

Personally, I disagree with KoboldKare being awful. Sure, it’s a tad unpolished, but I quite enjoyed getting lost in my personal projects of growing and breeding kobolds with specific characteristics.

Hello There i just wanted to say thank you for these recommendations. It is very hard for me to find these kind of games let alone good ones on steam.

And thank you seal for adding to the list. I’m very surprised that I managed to get some very good replies in 24 hours