Inflation Physics Puzzle game

Keep in mind, my ideas can be used by anyone, and I don’t expect credit for anything. I don’t really care if you give me credit or not, but anyway, onto the topic. Another game idea I came up with is a physics puzzle game similar in style to Portal, but you aren’t using a portal gun. Essentially, you have one ability, and that is to inflate like a balloon. Using this ability allows you to solve puzzles, and progress further. Each test chamber has a unique challenge ranging from novice to “how in the ever loving toaster strudel am I supposed to do this?” You are test subject M4R1SS4, or just Marissa for short. You are a android in testing made to save people in tough situations, but this test will have to be done first. Marissa is a humanoid android woman with glowing blue eyes, and silver hair. Her body is made of “hyperflexen”, a tough, durable, light and stretchy material created with inflating like a blimp in mind.


I always find ideas such as these very interesting I’ve had a few projects on the go for awhile now, but if you are okay with somebody bringing this to life, I’ll let you know if I decide to make something like this if you want creative control and to input more ideas!

Also credit to the idea would go to you as well as other ideas or mechanics that you might come up with

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The entire reason I bring my ideas here is so others can use them. I really love to see what people can do with these ideas. Check out my other idea posts too. The more ideas I can throw into the bin that people like and make, the better. You don’t even have to credit me, seeing my ideas come to life is credit enough.