Inflation Rooms v1.2

Itch link:
Update 1.2
-Added a level creator, instructions included in the txt file
-Updated models


Update v1.1a

  • Changed glass, slime and blue slime textures
  • doors / deflation stations / gambling stations are no longer obstructed by player model making them easier to operate

​Update v1.1 is now available for download!

  • added new inflation method, blue slime

  • added non popping option (player will start to float when game over)

  • added room 15, 16, 17, 18

  • removed room 2, 13 and replaced them with different level concepts

  • pressure plate traps are now randomized

  • fixed bug where shirt would come back after being ripped off

  • updated UI and main menu

  • better visibility when very inflated (doors and stations are still harder to operate when full)

  • changed textures

  • deflation station mask now phisycally connects to players mouth

  • changed level layouts

  • balance tweaks:

    • inflation in fog every 5.5s instead of 3.5s
    • changed deflation stations locations
    • deflation stations now have a random chance of having less uses left
    • darts are now faster

IR Update v1.1

IR Update v1.1


Hello, MadLad224 here with another game. This time I mixed some sandbox elements with actual goals, so there is a lot to do in this one. Lots of ways to expand, from just P-Balloons to slime and magic traps. That’s pretty much it, have fun!

Inflation Rooms (2)
Inflation Rooms (3)
Inflation Rooms (4)
Inflation Rooms (5)


Oh this is very interesting. It was fun give a few plays to see the different rooms. It awarded skill while still giving excitement to failure. This can become something big!


Yo MadLad you never disappoint me lol, This game has lots more content than your previous works! Not only did you bring back the first person pov from Inflation tag but you also added a hefty challenge to each an every room! Good job man. Take care.

P.S i still want that Inflation Tag update tho >:)


Yo this is pretty sick! I would love to see something like this pushed further. There’s not nearly enough first person experiences for inflation. Let alone ones with actual, like, gameplay.


Really neat concept! I’d love to see this continue.


I love the concept of randomness in this one, hope to see it polished and expanded in the future!


the glass panes one almost guarantees a defeat if you get in that room, suppose the punishment for falling could be a little nerfed?

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Original video was yanked by youtube so here it is again :slight_smile:


Any suggestions or bugs regarding version 1.1 can be reported here to be patched in a smaller update. For the next big thing I have planned leaderboards and player created levels.


Gonna post info about new projects and updates on old ones over at , follow me to be up to date


Oh heck, an update! Nice!

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Looking forward to seeing more on this game in the future :3

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Big 1.2 update released! Includes a new level creator and more! Update 1.2 - Inflation Rooms by MadLad224

Wow, a functioning level creator, that’s a cool edition! I had no idea you were still working on this.

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Oooo and update, and a level editor too? That’s pretty damn impressive, and it works great too!

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Finally got around to playing this and my goodness this is quite a joy to play! Love the simple premise, adore the little sounds here and there, and good gosh the various methods of filling up are just lovely!

A couple questions of curiosity, though. Is there any plans to implement any sort of level sharing functionality? Would it be possible to have a secret “god-mode” where you can fill up to max but don’t game over (to fulfill that fantasy of being a balloony juggernaut)? And, lastly, how feasible would it be to add in character customization, like something simple of just changing color of the body/shirt?

Thank you so much for this wonderful game, I shall enjoy seeing further development!


I’m glad you enjoyed the game! And to answer your questions:

No, as of now there are no plans to implement in-game level browser as i have little knowledge on that topic, so for now the only option to share a level is to do it manually.

I have a sort of god mode functionality when making the game with the same concept as you have stated, and it’s a) hard to play as the player model obstructs most of the screen, and b) it gets boring after like half a minute. So no, i don’t plan on adding god mode for now.

And lastly, Yes! Character customization is going to be implemented in the next update (including changing the color as well as choosing which body parts should be inflatable)

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Ohhhh, pickable inflation sounds superb! That’ll be amazing to see when it’s implemented!