Inflation shooter ?

I had a dream last night and I figured it’d be a good idea to share it here.
Basically imagine a lasertag game but instead when you tag someone, depending on your weapon type, you inflate one of their body parts. Concept is very loose I know, but we could use a similar system to KoboldKare for the inflation. The toughest part would probably be the AI.
Can anyone better versed in programming than me evaluate the feasability of this ?

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it probably wouldn’t be that hard to do, I would say intermediate difficulty.

if you are working with 3d models it wouldn’t be that hard to make each part of the body inflate separately.

if each weapon inflated different parts instead of hitting different parts that would be easier to do but both would be pretty easy to do.

the AI is a bit hard to figure out how hard it would be. would it be a simple one like for the enemies in Doom or would it be more complex where they react to having inflated body parts and how complex would that reaction be? if it is just a canned animation where they react to getting inflated in each body part (a bit like in how Goldeneye worked) it would be pretty simple. if they would have the body part that was inflated get disabled and they react accordingly that would be more difficult.


I was thinking of starting a similar project myself.
Not sure if you’re looking for a developer, but I figured I’d shoot my shot here, since I was just about to start looking for someone who can do/wants to learn how to do 3d art.
Wanna collab on this?

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I’m not a programmer, but I have the basics down and a lot of free time, so if you’re willing to put up with a newbie I’m down