Info and Updates

Hey all.

FWG is being made with Construct 2, and it’ll likely be an HTML5 game. There is no playable demo as of right now, as I’ve only just recently started it. Though I’ve been messing around with the idea for a couple of years.

FWG takes place within my own canon, a world set 2000 years from now where spirits and mortals, magic and technology co-exist. I’ve been working on building this universe for several years and have been wanting to share it with others. The game will incorporate a variety of different fetishes.

This topic will be for requesting features or offering suggestions. I will try and keep the lists current.


[ul][li]Create a human or furry character[/li]
[li]The option to turn on & off specific fetishes so that they never make an appearance[/li]
[li]Fat & weight gain[/li]
[li]Inflation & stuffing[/li]
[li]Diapers & wetting (no scat)[/li]


[ul][li]Vore (I might include a region that would effectively mimic vore, but I’m also thinking that it’d be too violent)[/li]
[li]Possibly more if I can think of them[/li][/ul]

I’ll be updating this post as things get added, changed, or I remember something. All things should not be considered final.

Make functions for converting units of measurement.
Set up basic body related stats.
Build a simple layout.

After playing around a bit with Fetish Master and Tainted Elysium, I’ve been restructuring my approach to an actors’ variables. Construct 2 makes it easy to rename variables that are currently in use, so most of the functions I had made didn’t need to be changed too much.

I’ve also built the basic layout of the game screen. Currently it’s heavily inspired by Tainted Elysium’s layout, sorry Atticus. As for the functions I’ve done so far, I’ve done some for converting measurements and preliminary work on functions that adjust stats like fat and stomach volume.

Next up, I plan on adding more actor variables and finish the functions I’ve made so far. Thanks for the support you’ve shown me so far guys.