Inner city eating competition

Welcome to the 2023 eating competition!
Make your way through the five restaurants and eat your way to the top.
In this match three game you take the role of a coach running food to your teammate in hopes that she can eat more than her opponent. That’s not all though, if your teammate eats herself into a food coma you can take advantage of that calorie induced bliss using the Feeder Hose ™ to really push her past her limits!

Can you take home the bacon in this little adventure? Lets find out!

Inner city eating competition by Oceanaga (

This was a blast to make, I had also intended it to be for pc and mobile but mobile didn’t give me the space I wanted for the pictures. I also would have had to come up with six types of currencies and shove ads everywhere I could, as is customary for mobile games.
I also meant to add in music and sound effects but I have family staying at my place for the rest of the week so I’m out of time to work on it. :confused:
Either way, I hope you enjoy!


I’m throwing you a heads up, the link can’t find the game it says that there is nothing there on the page.


That’s strange, it seems to work fine for me. I’ll take another look at it though. Thanks!
Edit:I’m dumb and forgot to make it public…

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Good game.
Just fix the window, please.

Could you elaborate? What seems to be wrong?

It’s gigantic upon opening

Maybe some window resolution options?

It is always in window mode, but its size is for fullscreen mode. So it does not fit fully on a screen.

Quite fun.
I do wish there was some more things on the UI to indicate which bar is which (without having to guess)
how much food the competitor has eaten and if there’s a time limit attached.

Also, the window size, but I believe that’s just viewport scaling.

Overall it’s fun. Could definitely see it going further :smiley:

according to windows defender, this game’s “twist” is a trojan virus. i know it often warns about just about anything and has false flags, but it has never stopped an extract dead in its tracks like this before. i had it quarantine and remove the file but i can’t say i have faith in my computer’s safety right now. in specific it detected “Trojan:Script/Wacatac.B!ml”

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odd my pc seems fine no warnings and currently no detected threats

I got the same warning. The .rar file got caught immediately by defender and picked up a trojan.

I’m not going to blame the developer here, but I highly suggest this link gets taken down immediately. Since more than one person got a warning for a trojan, this game’s download is a huge risk. @grotlover2

Edit: screenshot for proof
Screenshot 2023-08-25 103855

It’s a false flag to my knowledge, windows and windows defender are known to flag and quarantine suspected files, even when they are not actual viruses. I’ve downloaded it and ran it through virus total with no hits and nothing on a scan.

VirusTotal - File - 08aaa0417d47da3d6c4e344ec34d7b5cefa5e81b1ffacc86b1964b1b29ac90b4

Whew, lot to reply to! I’ll start with the virus stuff…
I ran a scan through Malwarebytes, virustotal, and windows security scanner (windows11 for whatever that’s worth) and got nothing.



Windows could be false flagging here.

Now, on to the game stuff!

The bars are labelled but you’re right, it may be viewport scaling. The game is designed around 1920x1080 so anything other than that may cause funkiness. I’ve never been one to be able to get unity to scale well lol. I’ll see if I can’t get something worked out when I have a moment but I can’t promise it’ll be in time for the jam to finish.

As for the scores (how much your opponent has eaten), these are hard coded in. You have to beat 300 the first round then 350 every other round. The diffuculty doesn’t really get harder each time, the tile layout just changes (Hopefully much easier than my jam submission last year lol). You can’t win with just connecting alone (I don’t think) but if you take advantage of the feeder tube once or twice then you should get a win fairly easily.

I made the build exclusively in window mode. With how I coded the match 3 tray it gets funky at different resolutions. I’ll see if I can’t get a fix for this. In the meantime you could try pressing ALT + ENTER? Maybe that’ll help.

Thanks again everyone for the feedback, and I hope y’all are enjoying all the submissions this year!

I had time to push out a small update. It’s nothing major, but I added in a timer


I also tinkered with some of the settings for scaling. It should now always match your screen height, which is the major issue when it comes to UI scaling, but if you have it go at anything other than 1920x1080 then there will be some funky placement of the gameboard (it’ll overlap with your player image more than likely). This is due to the way the gameboard is coded (an oversight on my part) and not something I can easily fix.

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It’s good it was a false flag. No idea why windows defender freaked out when it downloaded.

It’s a small thing, but make sure the game window is set to 16:9 instead of Free Aspect in the engine before building it. I often forget it myself then have to go about repositioning all my UI elements which is just so much fun.

Also windows loves to false flag everything, particularly files that were recently uploaded in my experience. Still worth running it through other antiviruses or VirusTotal like Krod did if you encounter this for peace of mind though.

I know it’s a bit early for reviews, but I’d rather do these while they’re fresh in my head. Had a mite of fun with this little match 3 game, which means it hits the standard of one for me. While it’s most certainly not possible to do no longer for the jam, two little suggestions I’d have to make the gameplay loop a bit more interesting would pertain to the positions of the bars and the nature of it being a competition. Starting with the bars, I had a rather hard time looking down at them and back up at the board over and over again, causing me to lose my focus and redo my search for matches. ‘Repositioning’ the bars as a semi-transparent gauge just behind the matching board would help keep track of them while also adding a little aesthetic flair. Satisfaction filling up on the left half, Fullness filling up on the right. Turning to my other idea, I end up getting a bit paranoid thanks to never knowing what my actual goal value is. A way to reflect whether or not you’re presently winning would be a strong incentivizer. If you want to stay lazy when doing it, you could have your score be matched up against their score on the opposite side, and just have it go up random increment ranges at set intervals until it reaches the generalized range of points that would classify as your threshold to win.

…I actually do have a third idea, but this one’s definitely a personal bias. Rather than a spam-click minigame for the hose, one of those tempo games where they cursor moves left and right and you have to click when it hovers over a certain point would have been fun. Randomly generating the points the same way while you’re at it.

I would like to point out a bit of a bug, during the pump minigame, it is actually possible to manually slide the green bar for the pump meter by clicking and dragging, as well as manually set the position for the meter by clicking on the meter itself.

Glad you added a fix for the meters and the time limit, this and the pump meter exploit made it easier so I finally got to the ending, pretty good for a match 3 puzzle game