💜 Insatiable Hearts [v0.1.3A] - A monsterfucker+Weight gain Twine Game

i have like 12+ runs now XD but i must ask have you made art of the char’s?


I’m so glad to hear that ~
Delphi is very fun to write and I’m looking forward to getting back to writing out more of her content.

As for pet play, I did have some ideas planned for some collar and leash stuff at the very least. Primarily with Kip or Amelie, but I could see it working for Delphi too :smiling_face:

haha, well I’m happy the game keeps you coming back. Hoping to provide more variety between runs eventually

As for art of my characters. Yes I have! There may be a few pieces here or there scattered on my old twitter or bluesky, theres some on my DA as well. My profile image here is actually of Siphona (the little blood sucker from the bar)
Some are full renders others are just concept sketches, but I’ll be eventually doing more indepth profiles and scene drawings in the future.

The next supporter update I’m adding in scenery backgrounds behind the text, so the regions have more flavor and some of the characters will have a basic profile picture taken from my existing art. Here’s a little preview ~


They’re all so beautiful, Owlkaline! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I can’t wait to see them in the game!


Ok after “finishing” another run through and mucking about with Twine out of curiosity I’ve got to say you’ve inspired me to make my own game. Thank you so much - your game has given me the impetus to begin a project I want to work on and it’s been far too many years since I’ve been this excited to work on something - especially something creative. I just hope my ambition doesn’t run away with itself and I end up far out stripping my ability lol.


That’s really wonderful to hear! :smiling_face: :two_hearts: The power of creation is in right at everyone finger tips, just takes a little push, a little drive and a little passion to go a long way ~
I’m glad my game has inspired you. The biggest things to keep at heart, is create for you and have fun!


im haveing the bigest fun combineing the DNA and playing as a hybrid species

ex: mothers milk & royal jelly= honey cow species


yee! I love that. I defs want to have more cross mutation combinations because there’s a lot of fun to be had in just mixing and matching parts one likes ~

more transformations in general of course. But alas, eventually ~


Aye I’m loving the blends too. Mostly. Think my last run I ended up a really bizarre mix of blob, jelly, cow pig girl. Not too sure about the oojin transforms - not my bag - but I wanted to try it anyway just to experience it. Not really tried the melopoids yet - waiting for their area to get fleshed out. Surprised I’ve not tried pig more. Think I was just enjoying cow girl too much haha. Though not even managed to find anything to do neph transforms to check them out.

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Hey folks! I’m not dead! lol. Been a busy time after the new year. The long short is family, job searching, working on sfw stuff, getting sick, recovering, blah blah blah. The typical messes of life.

Anyways, I’m crawling back with a bit of an update, nothing too crazy, but a nice pin to mark the new year. Admittedly I got torn between too many ideas and had to really cut down in order to not just have a bunch of half backed threads. So, part of my thinking going into 2024 is I’ll focus on smaller but more concise and more frequent updates. We’ll see of course. I’ll have to get a feel for it all anyways as my pace is, as always, my pace.

So, whats the highlights here?

This update brings a couple new systems.

The first is an introduction to the planned magic system. Dream-weaving.

If the player talks to Lexi the alp about it they can be taught how to use magic, a few basic interaction spells. A couple Flesh bending spells can additionally be learned from Baronet Laurent. These don’t have a whole lot of applications just yet, but the magic system will come more into play over time, opening new options and interactions throughout the game.

Additionally I’ve added the “thoughts” system, which allows the player to customize how their character feels. Right now its just whether they find weight gain shameful or not, which affects some flavor text.

Both of these things can be accessed through the “consult self” menu

Additionally I sunk some time into something silly, even more flavor over substance, but I’ve integrated an image pack for the game. Right now it includes 11 regional backgrounds I made and a handful of character profile icons taken from previous sketches and art work I’ve done for them. They’ll have a more unified quality eventually, this was, more or less, a test. But seems to work good so far.

You can continue to play the game without images of course, but if you’d like the new backgrounds and character profiles, simple download the image pack version of the game and launch it from the same folder. It should load in the images as expected.

Eventually this will be utilized more for specific scenes and dynamic changes for character weight gain etc. They’re just sketches for now, but an example can be seen with Kip, her icon has three stages right now that change as she gets bigger. So, a little treat and a tease for later improvements

Anyways. Thank you all, so so much for your support through my job hunting period despite the lack of communication on my part. Hoping to be more on top of things soon, but I hope you all enjoy the bits of content I cooked up in the mean time ~

For supporters, you can find this version of the game up on patreon now. Everyone else, you can enjoy the last supporter version as it’s now public ~

Change log: Insatiable Hearts V0.1.3A



  • Added a debug feature the appends the last time a passage was edited to the bottom of the page. Just to help indicate if something is outdated
  • Maeve can now be examined
  • Added a few more random sights to the harbor
  • Added a new menu to the game’s main areas, “Consult Self” which allows the player to change aspects of their mind, sins and corruption. (work in progress)
  • Added the ability to change pronouns through the “Consult Self” action.
  • Added the thoughts system. Specific thoughts can be added or removed from the players mind in the “Consult Self” menu. This alters status flavor text among other small things. The currently avaiable thoughts includes “gluttonous thoughts”, “thoughts about weight gain” and “feelings of shame about weight gain”. Gluttonous thoughts have a chance to raise the gluttony stat
  • Added a new status bar and variable, Astral Resonance, a “magic resource” bar for the upcoming magic system, dreamweaving
  • Talking to lexi about dreaming-weaving and asking them to training you will open the option to unlock dreamweaving through them after
  • A new system has been added, Dream weaving, it draws upon a new resource, resonance, which can be gathered from spall or other sources
  • Basic spells will be available in the new “consult self” Dreamweaving menu. These are basic and include absorbing power from spall, creating spall and releasing excess energy.
  • Three additional spells, fat absorption, fat gain and fat loss can be learned from Baronet Laurent after unlocking dreamweaving
  • Maeve can now be asked about “Dreamweaving” and “alps” provided the player knows the subjects
  • Players that have dreamweaving unlocked can now use their powers to examine amelie’s curse, attempt to break it or fatten her. This won’t quite work, but adds details to her future quest stages
  • Amelie can now be asked about “dreamweaving”
  • A test image pack has been created for the game and has be integrated in a few ways and includes 10 backgrounds and 13 character profiles icons. Most regions in the game now have a background image. Some characters now how profile images that show in the relationship index. The art used is largely taken from my previous drawn material, so some characters only have simple sketch work at this time. This will be improved over time.
  • As a test, Kip’s profile image has 3 stages that depict her according to her weight gain. Similarly 3 full body sketchs will display her weight when using the “look at her” option

~ Started a fresh changelog for 2024. The previous set of logs is now tucked away and can be displayed below with the “Display Old Changelog” button
~ Scenes that mention “little lizard folk” are now replaced with the word geckling once the player learns the term
~ Adjusted how corruption is calculated to include gluttony, lust, greed and sloth attributes in part of the overall percentage of corruption
~ The tether bar only displays when less than full but not empty
~ Maeve no longer refers to the player as a “mankin” the first time they meet if the player isn’t human at the time
~ All “relationship unlocked” blurbs now use the new character profile cards

Bug Fixes:
x Various small typos and corrections
x Fixed a small issue with mystery potions
x Fixed Delphi’s relationship info not appearing in the relationship panel due to a malformed flag
x Fixed Maeve’s relationship marker not appearing in the relationship tab


and i was just about to head to bed NVFM we cooking bois :smiling_imp: :coffee:


For those that may prefer not downloading anything. I’ve uploaded the latest public build to Itch.io
Insatiable Hearts by Owlkaline


Hello, I’ve been lurking around the forum for a while, and found this game some time ago (very good game by the way).
I was messing with the Itch release, and it seems to not let you save, but only if you download and run it through the Itch app itself (it works perfectly fine if I play it on my browser, whether through the Itch website or by running the html file).
Here’s an image of the error that happens whenever I try to save:

I did a bit of digging, and it seems like this is some sort of issue with electron, but it doesn’t seem to affect other games, such as The Curse of Something. I don’t think this is game-breaking or anything, since you can just download it separately, but it’s weird that it doesn’t happen in other games.

I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen so far, definitely strikes the good balance between surreal horror that gives it a tense feel, but erotic and beckoning the player to press on! Definitely seeing the influence of Corruption of Champions and the Boundless games, fills the same space for me that they left behind.

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