Inscryption fatty card mod idea

I’ve been playing Inscryption recently and have entered kaycee’s mod, and after playing some additional mods, I feel we can add some obesity elements
In the basic content, there are already some feel good mechanism can be integrated with the obesity element, for example, with the passage of time, the card will be multi-phase getting fatter and fatter.
Example: MothMan, it is a strong card need to grow up, go thoght with larva and pupa then came out to crush every foe.
There are also campfires in the game, that warmth can make the card’s ability value stronger, it would be nice to have additional mods to make the card fatter at the same time.
Some cards have sacrifice related mechanisms, such as the need to sacrifice more than one card in order to summon, it would be good if such cards have mods to replace the patterns, and some cards will have “feeding” and " devouring" mechanisms with the help of additional modules.
I hope that someone want make a mod for this game by saw this, also welcome people to share their idea.


hmm not bad of an idea


That is a really cool idea for a mod! And we can probably make some new, custom cards that has the theme of gluttony