Insert Creative Title Here (RPG Maker game idea)

Basically, a game of unknown length starring an edgelord fox girl (of the anime girl with animal parts variety) sent on a quest to save the world from some big evil. Relevant shenanigans ensue.
There are plenty of RPG maker games on this forum and most of them use RPG maker assets and the same sprites for weight gain along with first person view for battles if there are any. I’d rather not do that even if it takes longer to put it all together.
Now for more details on the actual idea, you go through several dungeons to collect plot items. For each one, you are given a choice between absorbing them and simply pocketing them. In addition to that, there are several side quests either for goods or a few other fetishes though the latter is blocked off under certain circumstances. In terms of gameplay, there are several “classes” available to the protagonist, all of which are leveled up through their own means, which changes her appearance depending on the class.

  • Dark mage, the one she starts with. Uses some melee attacks, powerful spells, buffs and debuffs. If she remains a dark mage, the protagonist gets irreversibly fatter whenever she absorbs plot items until magic becomes her only means of moving. Higher weight boosts magic, increases defense and grants new spells, but it also affects agility, blocks off certain paths and once you reach certain weight, your max MP is reduced, weapon attacks no longer work and armor can no longer be worn. This is the only class that is allowed to absorb plot items. Has the higher priority in terms of getting things done.
  • Cow girl, a physical tank with no magic based on a certain hellish cow with tendency to roll and drink her own milk. At first, the protagonist gets chubby, her boobs increase in size, her outfit is replaced with cow print bikini and fox parts are replaced with cow parts, but as the transformation progresses, her weight increases (though it stops at “fat” rather than “blob”), her bust further increases in size, she grows an extra pair of breasts and she gains hooves. Aside from side quest events it’s caused by in the first place, having her successfully drink her own milk for buffs (she’ll refuse to do it with a certain probability, which decreases with each stage). Cannot be reversed once final stage is reached.
  • Queen bee, a summoner that gains additional benefits from summoned creatures. Not really a transformation at first as it’s caused by impregnation and so you initially retain dark mage class, but if you end up halting the parasites’ growth instead of killing them off, she will grow wings, antennae and abdomen of a bee and it will become irreversible. Greatly reduces agility and every turn, there’s a certain chance of taking damage from parasites moving inside.

Aside from affecting gameplay, these also affect dialogue and have their own endings. The protagonist is not happy with any of them and doesn’t get used to it or change her mind.

This is all I have written down at the moment.


Plot idea, character idea, mechanics idea, fetish idea… everything seems to be in place. Only problem with it is, that someone needs to make it.


I can do it. I have the necessary skills for that (aside from map design). I’ve done some work for other things that I have not shared. I could probably draw a few sprites (normal, really fat, cow and bee, I guess) just to make the concept clearer though I probably won’t use those sprites later.
I really don’t expect people to just pick up ideas like that since, if they have the skills for that, they’d probably work on their own thing.