[insert witty title for this intro post]

Hello, I’m IgnisWings but you can just use Ignis for short.
I have been in the forum for a while, but only now decided to make an account to comment on the development of some of the games I follow and maybe try to understand some aspects of game-making myself, WG related or not.
I’ve dabbled on some very crude map making in Source, and I have been experimenting with Blender recently (Shading and Texturing more than anything, since how to make models still escapes me)
that’s it, uhhhhhhhh borgar :hamburger:

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Welcome to the forums, and good luck with your endeavors.

I, for one, welcome our geese overlords!

Welcome to the forums! Hopefully you will find our site helpful in helping you learn some and maybe we will get to see some of your stuff one day!