Interactive Comic?

I was wondering if an interactive comic in the vein of Ruby Quest (with a bit more weight gain potential) would be allowed on this forum and if so, would anyone be interested in one.

Sounds like a fun idea, if you don’t mind the potential workload.

There are no rules against it and we actually have an interactive tag just for projects like that so I say go for it.

Cool, thanks :relaxed:

Yo! Sorry this didn’t happen on here.

Any plans to keep the project going? Maybe on something like ComicFury which has the free image hosting and comments already built into it?

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried getting it working on Jcink and it wasn’t going well :sweat_smile:. I’ll try on there.

Sorry again for the misunderstanding. I wish you the best of luck with it though and you are welcome to post links for it here if you find another place to host it.

Thanks for the support.