Interest Check: Fattening survival game

Hey, just got a new idea for a game if anyone’s interested, if we get enough people (about 5-7) I will make the rules and character sheet, though some are already made. The premise of the game is as follows

You are a group of individuals who have one way or another, managed to get captured and were about to be sold to varying markets, but the ship heading to the slave buyer somehow got destroyed and crashed landed on this planet, no signs of sentient life have been recorded on this planet, in fact, this is a new planet, very similar to Earth. Now, you and your allies must survive until rescue arrives, or strive to build civilization on this planet, all whilst fending off the survivors of the slaver ship and the native lifeforms, the path is up to you and your allies

This is set around the 25th century and a wide variety of life has been found and documented, so there will be special races besides classic sci-fi races and that gives you as players to work with alot of leeway on backstories. Hope this game goes through

I mean I am definitely interested enough to see some rules and some weirdo scifi races?

Consider my interest piqued as well. I believe a fair amount of people here would want to join as well once they get wind of this, so why not start on getting the rules all put together? Some of us would even make suggestions to help improve what you come up with, I’m sure.

Yea, I already got ideas for the rules right now, havent put them up yet, just making sure there is enough to play it, testing if a fair amount of people seem interested

I could get behind this. Count me in

Also expressing interest. It sounds promising!

I would also be interested in joining a game like this

I’d like to take a look at the rules first, but it sounds like it could be fun.

I like the sound of that! I want to be a lizardman!

I was just saying I’d like to play one of these games instead of running it. Looks like you’ve got plenty of volunteers, but I’m game if there’s room.

It seems we have reached my goal of volunteers for the game, I’ll begin to work on the rules after christmas, most likely the day after, if any of you have suggestions to the game, send me a PM

[font=times new roman]If there’s still room, I’m interested. Though, I wonder to what extent the races reach, how weight gain will play into this, and how you’ll host it. Somebody’s gotta ask these kind of questions./font]

Sounds cool, and also like this game is going to be full up already! But I always like reading rules systems, so it’d be nice if you post it on the forums.

Always interested in trying a game if there is room or if somebody drops out if there is no room presently.

Hey guys, here’s the thing and might as well tell everyone, I kinda got writer’s block for this game’s rules and also haven’t been really motivated to do the rules for the few days I been working on it, so it’s going on break for about a week or at max 3, just to refresh, also been working on it late at night so yea, that’s also a factor to the rules and my lack of motivation. So, yea, I’m just going to put this project at a stopping point until I can once again work on it. Hope this goes away soon

After a long hiatus from working on it, I have come up with a base of rules for the game.


And here’s a discord if people are interested to help add to the game


Okay. What the FUCK Sarticor. This isn’t your idea for a game, this is a cheap, badly modified version of mine. You can even see places where you’ve forgotten to change ‘challenges’ from contests. You’ve stolen my Base setup, my original ideas for how exercise and food fat levels go, and even my format for the fucking document. Anyone can see this is a plagiarised knock off of my work which I’ve spent over a fucking year putting together. I get it, you’re miffed you didn’t get back into the game after you dragged everyone down with your edgy bullshit clich? back story, but this is completely out of fucking order. If you want to make your own game, go for it, but don’t funding copy and paste my hard work with a few badly balanced alterations. I’ve been as civil as possible thus far despite you constantly harassing me but needless to say I am fucking livid right now. Take this shit down, delete this thread, and maybe post when you have some content you actually came up with yourself.

PS. You can’t just steal warcraft enemies and call them original races

I was worried this might be the case. When I read the ruleset Sarticor posted I had hoped, though, that they’d talked to Nuumi about using the base systems from Voracious.

There is always going to be a base level of borrowing and rebuilding in RPG design, in part because game mechanics are not copywritable (at least in the US). But there is certainly a crossed line here in that certain terms and phrases are undisguisedly plagiarized from Voracious. So far, there is actually not a new game idea here.

What’s particularly disappointing is that, while Voracious is very fun, it’s also very silly and unscientific. The Voracious base mechanics aren’t going to suit your genre, like, at all. Consider researching N.E.W. or Serenity or Apocalypse World and making something along those lines?

Let me be exceedingly clear here. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated on this forum, not even a little bit. These projects have people’s hearts and souls poured into them. Most of us are not getting anything out of it other than the satisfaction of having our content out there, having people enjoy the systems/world we’ve created. To take that and shamelessly, and I would say this is quite shameless, steal someone else’s work and just slap some bullshit alternate text on it is pitiful. For now, I’ve redacted the links only, and will allow Sarticor to offer some kind of explanation, though it better damn well be a good one. Regardless, I’ll consider the punishment with Dohavocom, posting a new rule detailing it, and will then get back to you all on this.

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