Interest Check: Monsterhearts with Weight Gain hack

So, [glow=red,2,300]Monsterhearts[/glow] is a really simple but very well-designed RPG about sexy paranormal highschoolers. It’s meant to play like a game-ified version of harlequin paranormal romance media (Buffy, Teen Wolf, Twilight, Being Human) that uses monsterhood as a vehicle for exploring how hard it is to be a teenager.

If a handful of folks are interested, the base rules can be found here and here, and I’ve written a very brief hack for simulating weight-gain fiction.

It’s a fairly simple, extremely thematic game that works well in PBP, and I’d like to test out the hack. Does anyone feel an itch to roll some dice and sneak beer past their fake parents? I’ll MC, I don’t mind newbies, and MH is always an explicitly queer-friendly game. I’m also here to answer any questions…


Sure i would be willing to give it a go

Looks complicated… I’ll try if I can figure out any of this.
EDIT: Okay, I think I got a character sheet of sorts set up, if I understand this correctly, so I’m in!

I might be interested in giving it a try if you play during my time zones. I’ve played Dungeon World and Apocalypse world (and one short session of MH) so I’m comfortable with the system and how it plays.

Just browsed through the rules you posted, and it looks interesting. If you’re planning to do it as play by post then I could possibly be in.

So, I’m going to give folks another day or so to respond before trying to get us started. Some additional details, though:

-The game will be set someplace rural, where the teen protagonists all generally know their neighbors and are chomping at the bit to leave high school and move somewhere with a nightlife. Backwoods Ohio, let’s say, in the fictitious small town of Annisville.

-We’ll do play-by-post rather than Roll20 or whatever, so your time zone shouldn’t matter too much.

What skins (read: monster types) do you all think you want to play? And are there any questions about how the game is played I can answer?

Well, I’m going with a ghoul, do you need a character sheet of sorts for them or anything?

I don’t need anything yet, but if you’ve got a character sheet ready, I can look it over for you!

Well, I don’t have a real document or sheet, but I have it in notepad, and I think I have the essentials:
Name: Akuji
Look: Striking, hungry eyes
Origin: resurrected
Ghoul Moves: The Hunger, What the Right Hand Wants, Satiety(heal one harm/+ 1WG)
Hungers: Flesh, Fear(Food?)
Hot: -1
Cold: 2
Volatile: 1
Dark: -1

The reanimated body of an already somewhat gluttonous teen, getting more ravenous from being brought back, not that anyone really minds, as she’s ‘filled out’ quite a bit.

Been thinking either ghost or werewolf. I’ll give it some more thought and post a sheet once I’ve decided and have a vague character idea in mind.

Only question I can really think of is what specifically is involved in character creation. The skins sheet made it sound like you pick your one or two moves, your +1 bonus to a stat, and the descriptions. Is there anything more to it than that?

Snivy: Looks to be in order! Though you may not realize, you get to pick the bonus from Satiety-- and other Moves that have you pick a result after rolling-- every time it triggers.

masterful: Monsterhearts is a very simple RPG by design, so there’s not too many bells and whistles getting in the way of its core gameplay. Aside from setting out your stats and picking moves, we’ll also assign starting strings according to your skin’s “backstory” blurb, but then you’ll be ready to roll.

Are you allowing the official expanded skins to be played? Coz I’d like to play the Serpentine if you are

If not, I’d probably play the witch. I’ll hold off making a character til I get an answer, but I’ll be able to do the rest myself after I do :3

Got bored, decided to make a Serpentine just to feel out how it goes (I’ve played Witch before)

The Serpentine
Name- Aszar (Male)
Look- (True Form) Snake Head, A Tail (Human Appearance) Beguiling, Hypnotic Eyes.
Origin- A Family from Old Wealth
Serpentine Moves: Falling Dynasty, Temptation

Hot: 2 / Cold: 1 / Volatile: -1 / Dark: -1

Aszar was born into a family that had moved to this area from England some time ago to set up a manor somewhere where they wouldn’t be bothered and could enjoy their wealth in the collective of their own secluded kin without too many of the ‘common rabble’ banging at their gates. However, as business and wealth across the sea began to fade, the family too began to lose it’s fortune by the year. Once the boy matured, despite still having a lavish house in the area, private tutelage could no longer be afforded, and thus he was sent to a ‘normal’ school, much to his delight. Having been basically kept on his own most of his life, the chance to meet friends in school had been a great opportunity for him to escape the commands of his grandfather and the other members of his household, however, it would not be so easy to unshackle those chains.

Alrighty, here goes!

Name: Cassie
Skin: The Werewolf
Look: Feisty, Predatory Eyes
Origin: Bitten
Werewolf Moves: Unstable, Bear Your Fangs
Stats: Hot 1, Cold -1, Volatile 2, Dark -1

Background: Life was so much easier before Cassie got bitten. She had friends, a social life, really anything a girl in school could want. But all of that quickly changed after one night she was attacked by a werewolf and became one herself. The following disappearances of so many animals and pets became hard to hide, and rumors quickly began growing around town. Even when she was human her personality underwent a noticeable shift. The formerly sweet girl became prone to lashing out and quickly pushed away those closest to her. Fortunately only her parents seemed to have any inkling of the truth, so they sent her away to live with her aunt and uncle until things settled down or she at least was able to get her curse better under control. While that was probably best for Cassie, in her eyes she was now left alone in a strange town with relatives she’d only ever seen a couple of times a year. Not to mention that now she has to cope with a new school where everybody is just as messed up as she is…

Alright im Ready

Name: Vanessa
Skin: Witch
Look: Brooding, Playful eyes
Origin: Gifted
Witch Moves: Sympathetic Tokens, Hex Casting, Transgressive Magic.
Hexes: Expansion, Binding
Hot 0 Cold 1 Volatile -1 Dark 1

Back Story:
Vanessa discovered her abilities at a young age, and for the first 16 years of her life she was happy. Until the day she discovered her Father, the only person she trusted with the knowledge of her powers had cheated on her mother with one of his clients. She tried using her unique gifts to keep their family together, but only succeeded in pushing them further apart. Her mother decided to “spare” her from the custody battle and came to the conclusion that the best thing to do was to ship her off to live with her Aunt the pastry chef. Now truly alone with no friends and no magic that can save her she must face the reality that she will no longer be special and that now more than ever she is going to need to use her magic to survive.

Hi… I’m new… I’ll just put my character sheet… I’ll play the ghost then, if that’s okay with everybody?

Name: Amanda
Skin: The ghost
Look: Out of place, unnerving eyes.
Origin: Tragic Accident.
Ghost moves: Unresolved Trauma, Dissipate, Hungry ghost.
Hot; -1
Cold; 1
Volatile; -1
Dark; 2

Backstory: Amanda used to be a chef-in-training in an urban area, where she was brought up by her mother (her only parent at the time) in a small restaurant that was her family’s only source of income. Despite the restaurant’s popularity among the local neighborhood, they were taxed heavily and had to live in poor conditions. Still, they managed to get by, though due to the lack of healthy food she and her mother had (the restaurant was really just a candy shop and a bakery. The manager had let them sleep in one of the unused storage areas, because he was nice like that), they had both ended up a bit “thicker” than most people around. However, one day, an absentminded employee (not Amanda or her mother) accidentally left the oven on the whole night. It eventually overheated and the whole building caught on fire. The fire was put out, and everyone made it out alive, except Amanda. She died at the age of seventeen and kept her appearance even in the afterlife (clothes, weight, body, etc.), and now wanders the world in the area you mentioned where stuff would happen and… yeah…

Nuumi: The Serpentine skin is fine!

Masterful: Got bit by one little wolf and my mom got scared! I like it; new kid on the block.

Adsein: Looks good. Love me a failing marriage!

PersonMan: Two quick notes. One, be a little less than 20-- 18 and a senior maybe?-- at time of death. As I said up front, Monsterhearts is about teenagers, and the rule set is tuned to simulate a kind of emotional immaturity. Plus, the game’s almost always set in high school. Second, does your mom know your spirit is lingering?

I’d be interested in joining this, if there’s room! I haven’t made a character yet, but I’ve been going over the rules and the Infernal skin looks like it could be fun (but so do fey and vampire… gah choices!) I’ve played with some of the people here before, and had a good time with them!

Okay then… I’ve edited it, and no, her mother does not know… bye…

Looks interesting, I may give making a character a go, considering I am always looking for a good tabletop, not to mention all of the choices it brings. Since I tend to stay up a little late I may make a character later tonight/this morning, but as long as I have notice I can always be up early for a game.