Interest thread, Cascade Fattening

Hey, I’m relatively new here and i found a game i found a bit fun on paper

(the link is for the download of the rules, you must click the download button to get the file)

There will be some fattening rules added later, just here to see if this will sail or sink( as with most of the things i do) hopefully some of you join

Despite this being sci-fi (personal distaste, not slamming sci-fi lovers), it actually looks rather good and interesting, might give it a chance once everything is included.

Looks pretty good, though I prefer playing as a creature I can understand… Or a robot.

Hey, to me, this is quite a big project(no pun intended) and I think i really can’t do this on my own, if any of you have suggestions to the game that you wish to see here are things in the game right now (for locations and other certain rules) note that this is still pretty new and barely playable as of yet, maybe soon it will be playable

Hopefully you find what i have right now is fine, though its not much

here’s a link to the sheet if you have any ideas of what you would like in the game, the other one didn’t do that

Ok, here’s a character sheet for the game dumbed down, list your characters here if you want or send them to me VIA PM

Attributes (roll 3d6 six times for the results, don’t forget racial buffs/debuffs))
Stamina(Con multiplied result of d4):
Ambitions: (major then minor)
Class skills(official rules):
Known Technology(pick one from the official rules):
Starting Weapons(official rules):
Weapon Training(official rules):

Note that the things that have the official rules tab on it is subject to change as I add some things to the game so for now, use the ones in the official rules