Internals (Minecraft Mod)

Introducing Internals, the all-encompassing vore mod! This mod is fully compatible with the latest version of Minecraft (1.19.2), regularly updated by the dev, and functions in singleplayer and multiplayer!

Main features of the mod include:

  • Ability to swallow players and mobs whole, depositing them in your internal organs
    - Functional, optional digestion
    - Optional weight system that slows players down based on how many prey they have inside them
    - Functional voreception
    - Prey can hear the muffled external actions of their pred, like walking and mining

  • Extreme customizability
    - Vore of every conceivable type, including oral, anal, cock, unbirth, navel, nasal, breast, urethral, and brain!
    - Fully customizable internal organs, via a special building mode accessed through commands
    - Decorative organ blocks for more realistic internals
    - Customizable user interface

  • Character system for changing between characters with different abilities and organs. Allows for infinite characters per player, as well as infinite organs per character.
    - Custom abilities system for characters, giving them special properties like permanent potion effects, damage multipliers, and mob interactions
    - Comprehensive nickname system, allowing players to fully appear as their characters

  • Vore-related potion effects, like Acid Resistance and Instant Digestion
    - Roleplay items, like the Gag and the Blindfold

  • In-game statistics page that lists how many of each player and mob type you’ve eaten, as well as how many times you’ve been eaten by each players
    Planned future features (WIP):

  • Ability for mobs to eat players

Thanks for taking the time to look at the mod! If you want to download it and join a small community dedicated to developing, testing, and playing with it, come check out our Discord and Minecraft server:
Discord Link

NOTE: If you have any suggestions for new features to add to the mod, we would love to hear them in the server! If they’re good enough, they’re almost guaranteed to be added.


Could ya show some more images of the mod in action?

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(theres a ton more images and gifs n stuff on the discord)

Im curious about how a lot of this stuff is gonna work. Like for example, the skulls? Could I, as a server owner turn that feature off server wide?

And also is something like selective digestion possible? where mobs get churned up but players dont? Or can it be even more speeific than that?

You show off a lot of features in this post but there isnt much in the way of a description of how the mod actually plays.

I’d like to see more general images of the mod being played as well. I don’t particularly like having to join a random discord just to check if I’ll be interested in something, or even trying it out.


heres some more images if people want

and more cause im not allowed to send more than 2 images:

and 2 more:

(note all blocks have full rgb color support)

last 2: