Internals (Minecraft Mod)

Welcome to Internals, the most comprehensive Minecraft vore mod ever made. It is fully compatible with the latest version of Minecraft (1.19.2), functions in both singleplayer and multiplayer, and is regularly updated by the developer, based on player reports and suggestions.

The mod’s primary function gives players the ability to swallow mobs and other players whole. Virtually every aspect of this process is customizable by the player, including which type of organ prey are deposited into, what happens to prey once they are inside, what each organ looks like, and how your entire internal biology functions.

Main features of the mod include:

  • Ability to swallow players, mobs, and items, depositing them in your internal organs (custom structures built by the player)
  • Special fleshy decorative blocks with full RGB customizability, for designing and building incredibly realistic organs
  • “Internal” and “External” viewing modes for prey, to see their own POV inside the organ or to see how their pred and the stomach bulge they’ve formed look on the outside
  • Polished UI system, with a built-in manual full of clear instructions on how all the main features work
  • Comprehensive character system for changing between characters with different appearances and organs. Allows for infinite characters per player, as well as infinite organs per character
  • Ability to squeeze prey from organ to organ, or for them to travel between your organs through sphincters

Primary modes of customizability include:

  • Organ system allows for every conceivable type of vore (oral, anal, cock, unbirth, navel, breast, nasal, etc) as well as other forms of entity storage, like pants pocket, lunchbox, brain, and pocket dimension!
  • Optional, customizable digestion
  • Each organ can be individually configured, determining how much it can fit inside, whether or not it digests, and what the prey see and hear when inside it
  • Pred/prey preference settings for each player, allowing them to disable anyone’s ability to eat them, or make it so anyone can eat them at any time. These two options can also be applied to specific people (blacklist/whitelist)
  • Built-in player details and bios, including their pronouns, flavor, and pred/prey preference
  • Customizable messages that are sent to players when they are swallowed by you

Additional features include:

  • CustomPlayerModels integration, where having more prey in your stomach makes it appear larger
  • Special roleplay items, like gags, blindfolds, and ropes, each with tangible effects on the user (ex: the gag makes its wearer unable to use chat)
  • When inside an organ, prey can hear the actions of their pred, like walking and mining, but muffled
  • Optional proximity-based chat, and a reduction in the distance your chat can be heard from while you’re in an organ
  • In-game statistics page that lists who you’ve eaten, who you’ve been eaten by, and how many times

Thanks for taking the time to look at the mod! If you want to download it and join a small community dedicated to developing, testing, and playing with it, come check out our Discord and Minecraft server:
Discord Link

NOTE: If you have any suggestions for new features to add to the mod, we would love to hear them in the server! If they’re good enough, they’re almost guaranteed to be added.


Could ya show some more images of the mod in action?

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(theres a ton more images and gifs n stuff on the discord)

Im curious about how a lot of this stuff is gonna work. Like for example, the skulls? Could I, as a server owner turn that feature off server wide?

And also is something like selective digestion possible? where mobs get churned up but players dont? Or can it be even more speeific than that?

You show off a lot of features in this post but there isnt much in the way of a description of how the mod actually plays.

I’d like to see more general images of the mod being played as well. I don’t particularly like having to join a random discord just to check if I’ll be interested in something, or even trying it out.


heres some more images if people want

and more cause im not allowed to send more than 2 images:

and 2 more:

(note all blocks have full rgb color support)

last 2:

the inside blocks kind of scare me


I’m new to the forum but thought I’d chime in about Internals. It sounds awesome - I love the idea of being able to swallow mobs and players whole and the weight system. And I’m excited to hear about the plans for the mod - especially the addition of mobs that can eat players! I hadn’t heard of this mod before, but it’s definitely piqued my interest. I’m also a fan of mowzies mobs mod, so I’m interested to see how the two work together. Have there been any cool collaborations between the two mods? Anyway, I’m excited to join the Discord and Minecraft servers and see what the mod is all about.

I wish there was a forge version of that since i can’t run Fabric 1.19.2 very well is there any tutorial how to fix that im stuck at the black screen.

For some reason the invite link is invalid

I stumbled upon this post about Internals, and it seems like a pretty comprehensive mod for Minecraft. I gotta say, the ability to swallow mobs and other players whole is definitely an interesting twist. It’s cool that players can customize virtually every aspect of this process, from the organs prey are deposited into, to the look of each organ. The feature that caught my attention the most is the ability to change between characters with different appearances and organs. I can only imagine the possibilities and creativity that can come from that. The UI system seems well-polished, with a built-in manual for clear instructions. By the way, if you’re looking for Minecraft servers 2024, I recently found this website that has a great list of options. Check it out if you’re interested!

Check out Prisimluncher, its an easier way to launch minecraft, with forge or fabric.

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Can you show a screenshot of an external view of a pred that ate something?

I haven’t played it in a while but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t change anything by default. You’d need to do some custom work with CPM or possibly Figura to make eating stuff actually visually effect your character. It is possible to do with CPM. A friend of mine got a commission of it and showed it to me on stream.

where can I download the mod?

afaik the only place you can get it is the discord.