Interview with Snide-n-Sniff and Supporting the Overlord WG Project

We recently had the honor to talk with Snide-n-Sniff about weight gaming, the game jam, and announce our support for @Dr-Black-Jack and @Vern101 project, the Overlord WG Project! I would suggest if you all have the time go and check it out for an interesting conversation.

Also, as we mention above we are officially providing support for the Overlord WG Project. Most of it is technical but also financial support.

As many of you know we are in the red right now but this was a project that we really want to be brought to the community so @kilif and I worked out a budget that allowed us to send some funding towards this large project and we hope that you all will find it was a good investment once it comes out. I would like to also quickly thank @Dr-Black-Jack and @Vern101 for offering us this opportunity to help them with creating another hight quality game!


I just watched the interview, you guys did a great job!