intro of a guy who sometimes does something

Hey there. I’m Galactase. (I know it says Galactose, but I am Galactase. I made this account before I realized Galactose was taken everywhere else I needed to register accounts for.)

I make games, uh, sometimes. If I feel the passion strike me and I have the means to do it then I’ll make an attempt to bang something out, but it usually fails. It’s only succeeded a handful of times, and only one of these is recent. I get these manic states where I will do ridiculous amounts of work, cram weeks of development into a couple of days, and then stop for months.

Aside from obviously enjoying weight gain, I’m a big fan of lactation and cow tfs and try to include them in whatever strange thing I’ve decided to make that month.

I write (badly), I program (badly), I make art assets in HoneySelect 2 (badly), and by their powers combined I make things that people want to see sometimes.

as far as my personal life, I like to play video games and I work in the IT field alongside going to school. tale as old as time, I suppose.

I’ve been here a while but only now taken the time to make one of these threads. Hello everyone