Introduce of Pet pikachu & my remake (scratch)

Hi. Does anyone know about the project called pet pikachu on scratch?
(and its original version)

This game doesn’t come up when I search for the words fat or weight, but there is an element of weight gain, and the former has a (slightly) detailed change. So I quite liked it. And I also wanted to make a remake version.

I’m not a professional artist, but I tried my best to make it look cute. It’s almost my first time creating pixel art, the UI is completely sloppy, and it’s my first time creating animation, but I hope you like it.


And I won’t upload it to scratch. Because they’re tough on kinky things. And this is completely a fetish product.

How do I start it?
First, download the offline editor from here.
Once installed, launch it and select the file in the top left. And please select the sb3 file that I published.
When you open the project, please set it to full screen mode in the upper right corner. If you are using the editor screen, dragging may cause unintended behavior.

The game will proceed based on the actual progression of time. Like Tamag*tchi. Updated approximately every 20 seconds.
He doesn’t gain weight the moment you feed him, but he slowly gains weight as he digests the food.
There are three basic stats: Hunger, Tiredness, and Happiness. Tiredness slowly recovers while he sleeps.
Happiness doesn’t directly affect gameplay, but the happier he is, the faster he gains weight! It increases when you eat or exercise, and decreases when you are hungry or sleepy for a long time.
If you make him do something that is not necessary, he will be rejected (x mark). For example, when you try to make him eat even though he is full, or conversely when he tries to make you do something other than eat even though he is hungry.
If you make him do something that he doesn’t like, he gets angry. This “dislike” changes depending on the weight stage.
By the way, he is a male! Look at his tail!

There’s not a lot of content, but please enjoy it if you like.
(Also, I’ll talk about making games with Scratch if you’re interested…sigh…)


Good to see more Scratch devs here, keep up the good work buddy :slight_smile:


i would love to see you expand on this maybe with some other mon’s to choose from (no pressure of course)


I never use Scratch before. I don’t even know how to start this. Help please?

just click on the green flag

Actually, press the large screen display in the top right corner and then press the green flag. During this time, please do not touch anything else.

Yeah, to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to make anything with Scratch anymore…I need to make this with Scratch, so I used it, but I felt that Unity was much better for me… Combining blocks one by one is a slumber.

Hmm, I see. Adding more elements…I certainly understand that feeling. It was meant to be a one-shot mini-game, but… If I were to continue developing this, I would first remake it using a different platform than Scratch. Including convenience.

Got scratch just to try this since i love your other project. Got him to the biggest size and it didnt take too long, tough i thought the big cake was like an alcremie cake to make him gigantamax or something since he didnt want them at first but it was just for the capacity. For this version i would just see about the numbers, since the decimals values were going crazy in the weight and hunger amount. If you do another version or try again in another system, i would request other pokemon as well, my favorite would be charmander and the evolutions but i can imagine that being a lot of work, so no rush on that.

What’s the biggest size, and is there a female Pikachu option or is it a male Pikachu only?

Also how long does it take for Pikachu to digest/lose hunger and regain energy when sleeping cause it sure is taking a while. Also can I like save my progress somehow or do I have to leave it open and running?

It’s Immobile. There are 5 levels in total including Normal.

It is male because the shape of the tail is like that. However, there is no particular meaning of being male. You can make him female by replacing the tail graphic.

I don’t remember very well… It’s already two months ago. There will be updates every 20 seconds, so please use them as a reference.

Since it is Scratch, there is no save function. However, don’t worry, it won’t take that long to become immobile. To begin with, this game is like a one-shot story…

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One last question, can the game run in sleep mode?