Introducing: Fat Sangheili

I mean, I really only did the recoloring for fun in the end, so I can only hope it only attracts more “positive” attention, as opposed to someone yearning to throw the image into a stale “”"""“cringe”""""" subreddit or whatever. Still appreciate the compliment though!

@Warlynx Haha, thanks a bunch! Like I said before though, I’d rather not take too much credit for this work since it’s pretty much a combination of two fat sprite types that already existed in the original mod so very little original work on my end! I only saw it on google in the first place because I was looking for a Sangheili image to use as an icon for something, but was pretty much caught off guard by seeing this post there! So hey, if it ends up on other search platforms, then I can only hope it attracts the kind of aformentioned attention I described above.

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