Introducing: Fat Sangheili

Note: The female w/ breasts variant has been Merged into ModFattiesRaces, but I’ll likely post a one bodytype patch for whomever wants that version with the mod instead.

Okay, well, seems like Starbound is more stubborn about having the sprites replaced this time around, even though it worked flawlessly with the Lycanroc stuff. Oh well, at least the sprites in general have been uploaded, so guess if you want only Elites with Male fat sprites, just go ahead and spawn exclusively the males or something uwu. Plus, the base male Hylotl chest admittedly lends itself well to growing boob fat as far as it’s pectoral shape goes, so it doesn’t look as strange as I initially thought it would!

Alrighty! Felt motivated enough and had a decent amount of time to knock it all out so here it is, one download link that has elite with breasts at higher weight levels and one that has them without breasts. I would have used the method @willsir13 suggested, but since the problem would then be transferred to the NPCs, they’ve ultimately remained their own separate files, but the suggestion was appreciated anyway so thank you!

Anyway, my post below introduces the race decently enough so only thing left for me to do is give credits, which of course goes to Dispatch for the base fat sprites that the parts are made up of. Likewise, credit for the race itself goes to those seen as the authors in the linked mod and the original creator that the initial assets came from.

So, with that all said and done, here are the links and enjoy, regardless of which version you decide to use! Included slight description fixes too so feel free to redownload if you actually care about my random descriptions for the armors~.

Female Sangheili with Female Fat Sprites:

Female Sangheili with Male Fat Sprites:

…oh and, uh, go ahead and keep voting in the poll if you want. I literally have no further use for it whatsoever, but…guess I may as well see what happens since it’s still up~.

Summary: I plan to add Sangheili support, but am currently only using the male fat style for both genders due to the original race sprite also using a single body type. If you’re interested in this race, vote in the poll below after the “RESUME FROM HERE”.

So yeah, assuming any of you are actually interested in them, those towering space aliens from the Halo series that were likely the source of most of your deaths in the game? They’ve been a part of a Starbound Halo mod for a long while, as seen here, but through the power of “sprite recoloring”, they can now become bigger than they’ve ever been. Behold:

thicc ayylamos
(Ignore the square on the breasts, that’s a particle effect that I couldn’t quite remove for the snapshot ): )

Just to explain the process a bit, these particular fat sprites were made through the mixing of the hylotl upper body and avali lower half that the original body seems to be based off of respectively. However, the fatty and blob sizes begin to take much more from the avali sprite, with the fatty size having the belly sprites replaced with the hylotl, but still following the avali file format. So overall, I’d rather not take much credit for the fat sprites this time around since more work just went into making minor edits to make the two different parts blend together without looking…weird.

So what is the problem, you ask? Well, allow me to post yet another image.
As you’ve surely noticed, both genders use the same, boobless sprite. As far as I know, perhaps female Sangheili really don’t have breasts – assuming they’ve ever shown up in the series at all. Regardless, it is for this reason why the fat sprites for them are also the same, using the male variant because admitedly it’d look weird to me if these flat-chested aliens suddenly had fairly large breasts at, like, the first level of fat, and vice-versa if a male species had breasts that suddenly shrunk once they got fat. And yet…I’d rather not straight-up ignore the possible desire that people may have for Sangheili with prominent boob fat, which now leads to the poll below.

Should I use the breast spritesheet anyway or adhere to the original race’s style and keep both genders the same in look? I don’t expect many votes and I plan to release them very soon, so keeping the poll to two weeks from now.

  • Keep the flat-breast variant.
  • Make a breast variant.

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(Ignore my vote, only voted so I can see the results early~)
There’s a certain type of data I’m trying to get from this poll though, so all I ask is that you only vote on the poll if you actually have an interest in playing as the race, but I’m not going to beat you up irl if you decide to vote without interest in them anyway so do whatever your heart tells you too uwu.

With all that said, I appreciate both the reading of this post and any votes I get on the poll so that I know how to go about this. I’m certainly not losing sleep or it or anything, it’s not THAT big of a problem, but I’d just like insight as to what people would prefer the most in this scenario. Admittedly, I recolored the sprites because I’m personally a big fan of the race, but would still like to keep other people’s opinions/interests in mind, too!


Now I’m not interested in playing this race, but I do have a suggestion. There is a busty option in the big fatties, so mayhaps you could put the boobed variety there?


Pretty good suggestion! Initially, I was going to release two versions that had females use the breastless version and another that had the females with the breasts, and depending on the results of the poll, one would become the official version while the other would be the alternate download.

Since I never really use the busty option, I’ll have to look into it and see how to actually set it up properly, especially so that it works with stuffed/filled options – if I can somehow accommodate for both options in the poll with a singular version, that would certainly be the optimal outcome!

Although, now that I think about it, there’d be the issue that Sangheili NPCs would still be flat-chested, and I’m not sure how interested people are in the NPCs also having boobs, nor am I going to post yet another poll to find that out. I’ll figure something out.


I’m glad that my idea was helpful! I wish you the best of luck in learning how the busty options work, and may your days be happy.


Shouldn’t be too difficult since they ultimately follow the same format as everything else, but…you never know ;-;.

On another note, I admit that I had set 15 votes (not including myself obviously) as the target number, but I thought I’d be lucky to even get that many answers even within the first week of the poll being up – certainly didn’t expect to go past that number within only a litteral few hours of posting it but hey, makes my life MUCH easier since now I know how to proceed from here! Of course, feel free to keep voting anyway if you want, I’m still interested in the opinions people have on the matter all the same!

So as many of you can probably guess based on the results, I’ll indeed make a version of the fat sprites with female-style breasts for female Sangheili and that will be the primary version once it’s finished. For now though, I’ll be honest, everything else is done for them with custom text and everything, so for those of you who at least don’t mind playing with the male-style bodies for a while, or even wanted them, I’ll go ahead and post an early version and update it sometime very soon. It shouldn’t take too much work to actually get it all done, just have to find the time and be in the mood to do it so hopefully I’ll have everything ready by this weekend.

…but don’t hold me to that ;3

Check the original post for the link, will update there and over on the modfatties post in the future, where I originally intended to post it.

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Question of curiosity, is this compatible with the Granular WG addon or not? It’s fine if it isn’t but I feel like it would be a nice addition to the race given how few modded races have Granular support

Not at the moment, unfortunately. I’ve mentioned it somewhere but I’d like to wait a while before I make sizes for that particular mod – most likely once I feel like I’ve hit a certain number of supported races, I’ll probably end up going back and redoing things for them or adding on additional stuff like Granular support.

I still have a few races in mind that I’d like to try working on though, so it may take a while before I get around to it.

And done. Felt like getting it done and had the time to do so, so now everyone has their choice between either version they voted for! I can only hope that whatever errors I made are minimal since that now means twice the fixing to do.

Anyway, thanks for waiting, I wouldn’t expect anything else (besides fixes) from my lazy ass until next summer or something, but you never know uwu.


Actually I was curious as to what these “other races” were and if the Fat Sangheili would be integrated into ModFattiesRaces or not. I’m fine with it being a seperate addon but I was just curious if you planning on incorporating it or not.

Well, as of now, I’m currently in the “selection” phase of the next race to work on. The criteria I use is that it has to be something I’d actually want to play as (anthro is good, but monster is even better~ <3) and is within my skill level of spritework…which is very low.

More than likely, it’ll probably be a full mystery up until I release whatever it happens to be. I’d hate to say I want to work on a race’s fat sprites, and then it turns out I dislike how the work came out to the point I end up scrapping the project entirely. A rare occurrence but thankfully one that happens early when it does.

As for MFR integration, I’d absolutely love if it can get incorporated into it since anything I make generally has that mod in mind, mainly because I’d prefer to keep people’s mod folders as streamlined as possible. Of course, that decision ultimately lies on Spreeuzaki, so until that happens - and IF it happens - it’ll at least be here for anyone who wants either version, with the female-breast variant being the one that I’d like to have integrated, in accordance to the current results of the poll.

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Sangheili are pretty awesome, but what about San’shyuum? They’re the real fetish race in Halo. According to Cryptum, after being nuked by the Forerunners their culture valued youth and beauty like no other, and they were great allies of the humans, being very charismatic and persuasive. The hairy old men we see in the games are just the most respected San’shyuum in the modern era. But the young ones are still sexy as fuck. I wanna play as them.

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Considering there’s seemingly no race mod for them in particular, there’s currently no way I can create/recolor fat sprites for them, nor could I make the race myself considering I didn’t even make the Sangheili race itself that the fat sprites were made for :P.

Honestly, I admit that I’m probably not the biggest halo fan out there so I’m not completely up to date with every aspect of the games, but I’ve always liked the Sangheili in particular since they’re actually more than just some “evil alien race that is just another enemy to kill” in the games, considering some remained villains while many others aligned themselves with humans or became more neutral.

Still…hearing that there are other alien races that have a similar relationship is nice to hear, so hey, if such a race were to be made for Starbound someday, I suppose I wouldn’t say it’d be completely off the table to make fat sprites for them too!


The San’shyuum, also known as the Prophets, are just as interesting as the Elites in the games, if not moreso. Next time you play Halo 2, pay close attention to Truth’s conversations with the Arbiter. Like most of his species, the man is a political genius! He knows that Thel Vadam was the most influential member of Sangheili society before Halo 1, and he foresees that crucifying Thel in court would likely cause a civil war between Thel’s followers and the rest of the Covenant. So he brands Thel a heretic and then appoints him the position of Arbiter, which is a battlefield role that is highly revered on a religious level, yet carries a connotation of shame that utterly destroys Thel’s political credibility. Truth then sends the Arbiter on a series of missions to help the Covenant, and he has Tartarus swoop in at the last minute every time Thel is about to finish his job, causing the Brutes to gain political capital through this success of theirs. This allows Truth to utterly gut the Elites in the political heirarchy of the wider covenant, removing them from all positions of power and eventually ordering the Brutes to slaughter them en masse. It’s only the intervention of the Gravemind that saved Thel and allowed him to rally the Elites against the Covenant, the same fate Truth had been trying to avoid the whole time. If it weren’t for the Gravemind, Truth would have won Halo 2.

Anyway, that’s part of why the San’shyuum are awesome.

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Noted! While I haven’t picked up every Halo game in the collection on steam as of yet, I’d like to play through every single one of them at some point, especially for the stories, so I’ll keep that in mind!

Sorry for the long ramblings, this topic just seemed a bit interesting to chime in on it.

That sounds more like praise for Truth’s character as an interesting villain. And he’s really the only real prophet we get to know. Mercy and Regret are kind of just there to die, Regret is the only prophet you ever get to fight in the whole series and it’s very one sided. You never see any normal prophets running around high charity in fear in the midst of its civil war. No high ranking officers of theirs that’d ever take to combat. They’re a bit easily forgotten in games which is a shame.
But also is Truth a political genius? The entire council was foaming at the mouth to brand Thel a heretic, half that council also being elites, Truth merely cast it as so. It made it easy to have a great candidate to be an arbiter he can use. He wanted brutes in a higher position just because they were more stupid than elites and likely easier to control. But at the cost of generations of unwavering loyalty elites still had until their service was repeatedly spat upon.
Between that, the assassination of the elites, and the short lived civil war that broke out on high charity that made them ill prepared to face off the flood that invaded in the midst of strife. Before Thel came back, elites were already fighting the covenant over their poor treatment and assassination attempts. Even many grunts, hunters and a few jackals sided with the elites over the sudden backstabbing of them. Truth ended up actively sabotaging his main goal and the covenant as a whole because of a short sighted desire for more manipulative pawns when the elites were totally fine.
If Truth changed one part of his plan, immediately jumping to killing off the elites. Thel would have no purpose and an impossible mission as his status as a miserable heretic would’ve fallen on deaf ears for his fellow elites and the civil war would’ve surely been much smaller and unnoticeable. If Truth had not been so dead set on outright removing the elites from the covenant, everything would’ve stayed in his favor.


I personally don’t mind the “rambling”! Like I said before anyway, I’ve always liked the Sangheili in particular since they seemed to have quite a bit of backstory to them, so pretty awesome to hear from you both that there’s actually a LOT more to the other races as well, as opposed to humans being the only thing in the games with any semblance of a story. I’ll likely get a lot more out of the games whenever I actually get around to playing them (or at least buying them when I can :x) at the very least~.


Felt the need to but in here because (I love halo!) But Truth was also worried about the fact that the Elites can and would turn on them since they were not as a whole convinced by the Great Journey, as they were always skeptical about it. In addition in the novels Truth and Regret (Not sure about Mercy) all knew that the ENTIRE Covenant religion was based on a mistranslated glyph and a lie (the glyph being Reclaim instead of Reclaimer) this mistranslation led to the whole Human-Covenant War as an attempt to hide it. The Elites were always skeptical of the war as well as if I recall correctly they wanted to invite Humanity to join the Covenant (Again if I recall right as it has been awhile) Truth did want more manipulative pawns, but that was because the Elites were unreliable as they had doubts about the faith. The Covenant was also seriously unstable with problems throughout the faction, imbalances and hatred were seeped within, the Covenant Civil war was an inevitability caused by systemic problems within it. Sorry for my rambling I just love Halo Lore.


So apparently, this topic now shows up in the google image search if you just type “Sangheili” in the search bar and scroll far enough. All I can say about that is…oops.

Oh well, I still appreciate how interested people was in this project either way, enough for that to happen at least, assuming traffic to this post was specifcally responsible for that happening! I finally have another race in mind for the fat treatment, but will still keep mum about it juuuuuust in case it proves too much to handle. For now though, until I touch up a few things about this race when I go for a sweeping “update” on stuff I’ve worked on, consider it pretty much entirely complete.

I’ll still be here to answer anything that needs answering and whatnot, but for now, see you soon with the next project~ probably next year to be exact


Nice you’re one of the top results man, congrats, embrace your popularity!


Well it’s nice to hear your work is being appreciated and admired to that much of a degree. I check myself and while it does show up on Google, I have not seen it on Bing, DuckDuckGo, or other search engines but given more time it might make an appearance on there as well.

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