Starbound Mod Mod: Mod Fatties

Disclaimer: None of this would be possible without Dispatch’s awesome mod, unless they specify otherwise none of my modifications are officially supported, so only bother me about them.

Mod Fatties - Adds the lard launcher, lard golem, gives enemy npcs fattening weapons in their item pools

Mod Fatties Races - Adds sprites for many modded races (most based on dispatch’s sprites, I’m not great at my own sprite work)

Trollbound - Has been removed to avoid conflict with the dedicated troll mod by HazmatHellfire

Races by Others:

From Nova & Haydee’s modpack:
Kemono (color corrections by me)

Made by ACube:
Everis Race (blob arm sprite fix and busty, stuffed, filled compatibility by me)
Nyablo Race

Made by Leon:
Saturnian (Stuffed/Filled/Busty changes by ACube)

Made by Glasscannon:
Lyceen (minor fix for male plump lyceen by me)

Made by Deftagon:
Argonian Race Redux

Made by DisGuy:
Dark Latex Race (sizes below fatty merged into human group by me)

Made by Neysa:

Made by ChaosChubCultist:

Basic Fat Size Support by me:

Frackin Universe: Radien/X'I, Nightar, Veluu/Vel'uuish

Super SBG Race Mod: Barometta

Lombax Race Redux: Lombax Pointed, Lombax Striped

Pokemon Related Races: Lucario, Gardevan, Espeon

Animal Related Races:
Lamia - Snakes (support added for stuffed/filled and sizes up to plump)
Felin - Cat People
Shizubelle - Doggos

WIP Races:
Draconis (everything except blob sleeve done)
Familiar Race (Lighting issue is same as novakid, blob not made)
Eevee (blob size unfinished)

Full Support Busty/Stuffed/Filled
Humanoid Races
- Nightar
- Ningen (Anime Humans)
- Barometta
- Clownkin (Clowns)
- Radien
- Gallifreyan (WhoBound Race)
- Lastree (Demons)

Animal Races
	- Peglaci (Space Goats)
	- Mephetor (Skunks)
	- Bunnykin (Bunnies)
	- GoatPerson (Undertale Goats)
	- Dreemurrers (Undertale Goats)
	- Kemono (Foxes?)
	- Kitsune (Humans with Fox ears/tail)
Frackin Universe Group
	- FU Peglaci (Space Goats)
	- FU Mantizi
	- Slime (Same race as non FU)
Made by Others - See above for individual contributors
	- Argonian
	- Dark Latex
	- Saturnian
	- Neko
Misc Races
	- Slime (thick, chubster, and plump sizes redone using dispatch's slime armor sprites)
Pokemon Races

Requested Races:
Lopunny, Vespoid, Pygs, Kirhos, Inkling, Gnolls, GalaxyFoxes, Zoroark

Make sure to grab the Granular addon before using this.

Mod Fatties FrackinEnemies - Adds fattening weapons to enemy weapon pools for the mod Frackin Universe

Installation instructions: CHANGED TO PAK FORMAT

These modifications won’t work unless you already have Dispatch’s mod Big Fatties
Using WinRar or another program, extract the .zip file

When extracting it should give you the option of it creating a folder of the same name as the .rar to contain the files.

Inside the folder it creates is a .pak file, drop that into your mods folder

Feel free to use this thread for help on troubleshooting, bug reporting, race suggestions, and any other things not in the official mod Big Fatties. (I wanted to stop cluttering up their thread with all this stuff that isn’t even part of their actual mod)


and there’s mod mod mods too
this is growing redundant

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I wouldn’t say that. It’s common for creators and modders to expand (haaa puns) on each other’s work. And I think it’s oddly flattering in a sense of enjoying someones efforts and appreciating them enough to embrace them.

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Hey you need to fix the bug with the dummy thick badge it won’t work on any of the race that imported to the game the effects the badge cause are still their but not the model

When I attempt to unpack the file it gives me the following error message; “WinRT Error: Invalid Pointer”
How should I proceed?

I have changed the archive type I use to zip, that should hopefully help make it easier to unpack, let me know if issues persist after trying the new download.

Thank you! I hope it was no bother. I think part of it was my using a subpar unzip program as well.

Do we just drop the Frackin Universe stuff in the mod folder or is there anywhere specific it needs to go?

Just unzip the Frackin Enemies folder and place it in a folder inside your mods the same as the others.

Latest additions: Throwing item Lardballoon and new weapon Lardnadelauncher (both available in the modfatties shop, the projectile for the lardnadelauncher is a placeholder for now until I can figure out grenade projectiles properly)


For a race suggestion, could you try the Draconis race or it’s reskins?
Here it is:

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It might be a little offensive.
Will you make an integration package?
This makes it easy to connect with others.

I come from East Asia, and my English is not very good.

the dripping lard is broken so it crashes my game

“…Oh…oh my…”

So looks like the link has been updated per usual! I also found a few miscolored pixels for the plump bodies so now the colors should properly adjust accordingly if you use a fur color different from the normal red one. I’ll also make a brand new post once I finish the last set of sprites, basically shortening everything covered in this post already to its essentials.

You may also notice that the legs are relatively ‘untouched’ for these fatty bodies. That alone is probably what will receive the most editing on the second run since they’re fairly…inconsistent across frames and body types alike, so for now the base hylotl styles for the legs should work as decent placeholders for the sake of finishing the core parts of the spritework.

See you soon!

-Original Post-
So after an unspecified amount of time, I finally present the start of the thiccapocalypse for these here rock dogs. It’ll probably be a while before I finish every single weight tier and likely even longer before I resume the Lucario race but for those of you who want to essentially ‘beta-test’ them, I do have a link on hand. To install them, put them in their respective folders with the rest of the races and you’re good to go!!b1UDQYbY!wt4RE3lq8YTm3YK9SaSzzoIpuZyx5fVSv0K2wSSS4go (Updated 7/29)

Criticism and advice are HIGHLY welcome, but obviously not mandatory if you simply want to try them out. They have all the required sprites for the Thick tier, can be used with any fur type, and both genders are completed as well – however, I used the male as the base so the female may potentially look off, definitely something I’d like to know if it happens to be the case.

Lastly, credit for the original race goes to Fluff.Master on Steam, with the race being exclusive to the workshop from what I can tell.

I can guarantee that future posts/updates on the race won’t be as long as this one but expect them soon all the same! o7


Uhm, I don’t know what happened, if it this mod or the OG, but the Outpost Floran and Hylotl Venders are back to their default forms(or maybe it’s a bug)?

I suppose for race propositions there’s always Fragments of Ruin.
We could probably go these ways:

-Tentacle block method, which means fatter fragments have more eyes
-Jelly block method, which means the fatter fragments have external accumulation of jelly blob material instead of possessing their fat internally

Seeing as the original Ruin is itself a planet, it figures the fats should follow a similar convention.
Also works for the sake of post-game killing ruins

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Been busy with other stuff recently, but now the kitsune race is implemented, other races being looked into are draconis and fragments of ruin, no guarantees that they will work out

At least it gives me opportunity for Novakid/Fragments related shitposting. and they wonder how novakids/fragments eat with no mouth

Draconis are in except for blob size. placeholder default blob is used for now.


well hey. progress. nice stuff
As for Fragments, I’m sure there’s fat jelly costume pieces in the mod so those could serve for placeholder purposes.