Multiplayer (Reopened)

So I’m hosting a multiplayer group now, if ya want to join PM me.

Update: By popular vote of the group the slots have been doubled to 8.
-Big Fatties
-Mod Fatties
+Mod fatty races
+Mod fatty races granular
-Granular WG
-Huge Foods
+Food patches zip (all 5)
+Jelly slimes
+Fattening staff zones
Note: More mods will be given in the form of a collection on Steam. I will set up a chat group on Steam to allow everyone to coordinate mod recommendations and other discussion.


i wish i could organize it, but if it does happen I’d like to participate! ^^

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I’d be interested in joining as well :stuck_out_tongue:

It was attempted before with mixed success since there were issues with hacking/sabotage; the hard part will be determining which mods to install and how to moderate it once it’s up.

i think maybe it’d help to do a vote of some kind for the mods we want? that way we get an idea of what people would want to include! it would be a good idea to keep it to a smaller list i think, that way more people could be included just in case.

the moderation would be tough though, we’d just need people we trust for that >.<

Fellow ex-lurker here, and though I’ve had a laggy experience trying starbound multiplayer before, I’d love to join in on this.
Maybe we could kick off discussions a bit by starting a list of mods? Obviously a good core set would be:
-Big Fatties
-Mod Fatties
-Granular WG
-Expanding Clothes

But that’s pretty basic (And I haven’t checked around here in a couple weeks, so I have no idea whats compatible with what anymore x3) so, what about some stuff to actually discuss having:
-Huge Foods (This one looks tasty, haven’t tried it yet though)
-Frackin Universe (Plus all the compatibility mods of course. Can be cut to simplify the mods list and gameplay, but I personally tend to find it pretty fun)
-BYOS (Build Your Own Ship, in-case people don’t want Frackin. Another fun mod that can be cut for simplicity)
-Anti-Rot and Food Stacking mods
-Avali (I am biased towards these feathery raptors)

That’s most of the mods I tend to run with, so I don’t know any others to bring up. And about moderation, I don’t think that should be a big issue with so few of us (though I have incredibly limited experience with Starbound MP) but if we do need moderators then we could let the one/s with the oldest account moderate, and if we want to change/add more, we could vote as by this point we would presumably have played together and gotten to know each other a bit.
Those are my silly ideas anyways. I hope this topic can go somewhere, because I would love to lock you all in lard-flooded jails…I mean, have a fun multiplayer experience with you guys and these mods.

Expanding clothes is a part of the mod now actually! I dont remember when dispatch added it, but it’s official. Anyway, the mods!

Huge foods is super fun, i think it’d be nice to share it with someone instead of just eating the whole thing alone. Frackin universe for me personally is a bit of an iffy one, its got a lot of extra stuff to it, but not everyones a fan of how huge the overhauls are. BYOS would definitely be a good addition, it’d be super cool to see what people make there, not to mention it might be good for a bit of roleplay ^^;

I think the only one i’ve got a problem with is frackin universe, otherwise the modlist is simple and works well overall! that way everyone can participate just fine.

i also hope this goes somewhere further, i’ve been wanting to do some multiplayer stuff with this for a while now…

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I’m glad to see so many other folk interested in this as much as I am!

I agree with all the mods listed as well (Can also agree with the bias with the Avali), although I also agree with the fact that Frackin is a bit too complex for what I’m hoping for.

The only real detail that needs to be thought about now is who will host for this, even if we are not doing anything major like a server yet, we still need someone who has a good internet connection and a flexible schedule.

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So, we all want to go with:
-Big Fatties
-Mod Fatties
-Granular WG
-Huge Foods
-Anti-Rot and Food Stacking mods

Right? If so, I think it’d be a good idea to have a post linking to all the mods/downloads (if that’s allowed) after we’ve sorted out hosting, so we can be sure everyone has the same mods/versions. Also, about hosting…I have the time, but I live in Australia, so if I hosted then the connection would be awful for everyone. So, I’m out for hosting sadly.

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I’ll definitely add links to the needed mods once I get the chance, I’ll likely also put steam mods in a collection for easier access.

We can probably figure out hosting when we start, I’ll volunteer first and from there we can take turns to see who works best if mine doesnt cut it. (I live in the U.S, Eastern)

Once we get Steam info organized as well I will also put everyone in a chat room for easier voting, mod management, and discussion


All of that sounds good. So how’re we organizing things, just gonna have everyone add you on steam or what?

Before things get too involved here, I’d like to tell everyone that there is something brewing in that direction. It’s still not entirely clear how it will go, but I hope that these things will be settled soon.
I’m just putting this out here to hopefully prevent that amother, parallel server will be set up, as I think that that would lead to a slight, but noticeable split in the community.
I hope that I cen tell y’all more soon.

I’m not planning to make a full on server, not by a long shot, I’m just organizing a small game group. Once a proper server opens I and most likely every one else here will drop it and move to the server.

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Modlist for this site has been added and details have been changed to reflect what this page is now about.

From what I can tell BYOS and Anti-rot/food-stacking are mods that are on Steam so that can be relegated to a collection for Steam, and are un-necessary to post here.

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I am quite interested…

Just to update this post, this is still open.
If you are interested in joining just message me and ill send you my steam details.

If you don’t mind, I would like to join in on the fun

If anyone starts another one, or has their own world i’d be interested!

For anyone new coming across this, we still have plenty of open slots

i may be shy but i guess i could give it a shot