Starbound Big Fatties Add-Ons - Expanding Clothes and other small additions

First of all: These are no standalone mods. They are inspired by and build upon Dispatch’s Big Fatties Mod. Check her thread and then maybe come back here.

Another disclaimer: These mods are mostly quick jobs of just a few hours. They may crash the game, they may delete items, NPCs or worlds, they may corrupt your character! I do what I can to prevent anything bad from happening, but just in case, back up your entire storage folder. Better be safe than sorry.

Download & Installation

First make sure that Big Fatties is installed and working. Download the zip folder of the add-on you want, unzip it, and place the .pak file you found inside in your mods folder, next to Big Fatties.

Note: Because of complications with updating mods that come as unpacked folders, I will (for now) only provide the packed version as .pak files. And because of Weight Gaming’s upload restrictions I have to put that file into a zip-folder to be able to upload it.

About the versions for Granular WG

Some of my mods have a separate download for Granular WG. If you are using Granular, then you only need the Granular version of my mods. Pick either one or the other, not both at once.

Expanding Clothes Expansion

This mod has been officially incorporated into Big Fatties itself. The original post from before the merge will be kept here, and I may post updates and fixes, but for now it is no longer necessary to install this mod separately.

Old Post

Let your clothes of your characters and NPCs grow to fit their waistline.

What this mod does

Big Fatties provides a dynamic weight gain system for players and NPCs, allowing them to grow fatter and slim down again, showing the extra pudge in all its nude glory. Apart from that, there are several costumes with altered sprites for roleplaying purposes.
This add-on mod now couples these two aspects together, allowing certain costumes to grow with the character that wears them. The main incentive is to not go full birthday-suit as soon as the first few pixels of pudge appear.

Currently included armor sets
  • apex officer
  • dark disguise
  • slime
  • hoodie
  • t-shirt
  • skinny jeans
  • betty
  • chef
  • jumpsuit
  • predator / predatory
  • scientist
  • startrek
  • glitch noble
  • human sweatervest
  • hylotl kimono
  • novakid cosmic bandit (added by Big Fatties)
  • miniknog
  • hazmat
  • neo
  • peacekeeper
  • protectorate

What this mod doesn’t do

All armor sets that are used come from the Big Fatties base mod (Kudos to Dispatch for her spritework!). No new artwork is added by this mod, it only provides scripts that use these armor sets.
Also, the armor sets that work are manually and explicitely included, so new armor sets added by other add-ons will not work automatically. Below is a short guide to add your own armor sets.

Download & Installation

Because of complications with the plain zipped variant, I will (for now) only provide .pak files. Because of Weight Gaming’s upload restrictions I have to put that file into a zip-folder.
Big Fatties - Expanding Clothes (8.7 KB)

First make sure that Big Fatties is installed and working. Download the add-on and place the .pak file in your mods folder, next to Big Fatties.


Like Big Fatties itself, the clothing expansion brings its own GUI to configure the clothes you want to wear at different stages. The button for it should appear directly below the one for Big Fatties itself.
If you want to use the predefined clothing sets as they are, you don’t need to fiddle with the item slots. It is best to go slim for this, and you probalby want to hit ‘Clear’ to start fresh. Equip the clothes of the set you want into the cosmetic slots, then hit the ‘Detect’ button in the GUI, and your chosen clothes should appear in the corresponding slots. If not, the clothes are probably not supported (yet). Now you just have to hit ‘Save’ and you are ready to go.

Full GUI funcionality

The item slots show which items will be equipped at what stage. From left to right: Regular (not actually equipped), thick, chubby, plump, fat, blob, immobile.
There are multiple places the GUI checks for items if you hit the ‘Detect’ button: Highest priority has the item already placed in the ‘regular’ slots in the GUI, then come the clothes the script may have saved when the character grew in size, and lastly there are currently worn cosmetic items. This priority list is applied separately for chest and leg items.

For most freedom, each slot can have an item manually assigned to it. Leftclicking a slot copies the held item into that very slot (the only restriction is that it could actually be equipped in that position), while a rightclick clears a slot. An empty slot tells the script to use species’ default body at that stage.

It is possible to mix and match chest and leg pieces of different clothing sets. Note that in the “fatty” stages the legs piece currently visually covers the whole body while the chest piece only adds the sleeves. (Dispatch mentioned he was working on this, and showed progress on that front)
If an NPC happens to wear any of the supported armor sets (e.g. ship’s crew in default uniform), they will use the corresponding set too, and even have it dyed correctly.

Adding Your Own Custom Armor Sets

If you have a set of armor/clothes ready (any weight classes you want, including slim/regular), adding support is easy. The only thing you need is a text editor and a few minutes of patience.

  1. Create the file fattyclothingsets.config.patch in the folder items/armors/ within your mod.

  2. Copy the following code into this file and fill in the item names of your armor set. Make sure to keep all quotation marks. (Anything behind // is a comment and will be ignored by Starbound.)

Single set
    "op": "add",
    "path": "/fattyChestSets/<setName>", // for chest pieces, "/fattyLegsSets/<setName>" for leg pieces
    "value": {
      "regular": "<regularClothes>",
      "thick": "<thickClothes>",
      "chubby": "<chubbyClothes>", // remove any that don't exist, but pay attention to the commas
      "plump": "<plumpClothes>",
      "fatty": "<fattyClothes>"
  1. If you have multiple sets of armor (probably a chest set and a leg set), they have to be listed as follows.
Multiple sets
  { // 1st set
    "op": "add",
  }, // comma

  { // 2nd set
    "op": "add",
  }, // comma


  { // last set
  } // NO comma
  • Make sure to leave at least the “regular” entry in every set, it is used for detecting the sets.
  • Multiple different clothing sets containing the same items are not supported. The clothing set detected by the script may be random.

To test if it worked, I included a simple debug item. In admin mode, type the command /spawnitem clothingsettester and use the item you get from that. That should print a few lines to the log file, and tells if any of the items specified in the config aren’t available.

Known Issues

  • Items matching the equipped cosmetics may vanish from your inventory when changing weight class! I advise using the slim (base) variants for setting up, as they won’t appear via script and are therefore safe.
  • Slimming down from blob to fatty (or from fatty to plump in some cases) re-clothes you.
    (Definitely a feature!)

Troubleshooting & Error Reporting

To keep this thread clean, please contact me via PM first. Common issues will be added to this post.

Best practice for reports is to 1) start up the game, 2) provoke the bug, 3) close the game, 4) write the report. The less time you spend ingame, the fewer other things (cluttering the log file) can happen. A short description of what you were doing in step 2 may be the best help for me finding the bug.

Another good help is the starbound log file. It is saved as <Starbound install folder>/storage/starbound.log. Please include it in your reports.
If the file is too large, copy it to keep the original save, then shorten the copy front first. The most important information is usually at the end of the log!

If an error message pops up, please take a screenshot and send it in aswell.


Crashes when starting up the game or loading a character may happen once after installing any mod. It’s a little hickup Starbound has. Please just try again.

If it keeps crashing, you can call me.

Unexpectedly teleporting to ship

If you want to teleport anywhere and end up on your ship instead (usually accompanied by an additional “beam in” sound during the loading animation), the world you wanted to go to could not load or generate. If you were on this world before, it may have been deleted by this attempt (this planet/station/whatever, not the whole universe) and would be regenerated when you try again. Teleporter bookmarks are deleted if used and this happens.

Exit and get your log file ready. Additional tries may cause additional damage!

NPCs dying without (much) provocation

That one is probably on me, especially if Big Fatties or Mod Fatties weapons are involved. Please follow the best practice mentioned above with step 2 being “shoot another NPC” or simply “load a world”. Thanks!
(See changelog v0.2.1, and this post for an example of such a goof)

For other issues, please follow the best practice above, describing what you did and what happened as detailed as possible. The more information I get, the better!


initial release

Fixed bug about hiding weight class progress.
Changed when set detection is triggered. No more re-detecting needed while wearing expanded clothing!

Enabled clothes sets for NPCs!
Removed a script file that was no longer needed.
Moved clothes sets to config file, which allows patching from other mods.

Fixed NPCs with custom models (penguins and the important NPCs in the Ark) not spawning / instantly dying. Thanks to Minova for telling me.

Fixed armor set detection not re-triggering if already using a set. Thanks to fat-wolf1234 for telling me.

Massive rework of the glutton badges!
Clothing set choices should now finally be persistent across beaming and relogging, regardless of which weight you have.
Your provided Items are no longer ejected, they are saved internally and will be re-equipped when you unequip the badge.
Rewrote the cosmetic slot locking mechanism. Empty cosmetics slots can be locked now.
Cosmetic slots are now locked as long as you wear any of the glutton badges, even when slim. The clothes equipped in the cosmetic slots when slim are not the original ones, but a copy. The originals are, as said before, saved and will be re-equipped when unequipping the badge.
Included is a fix for Distortion Sphere hitboxes when using glutton badges.

Updated for Big Fatties 0.5.1
Added new complete clothing sets

Fixed naked NPCs not working. Thanks to Minova for pointing me to it.

Updated for Big Fatties 0.5.2
Add own GUI for customization.

Added missing check for first-time users. Thanks to lupvirga and ACube for pointing it out.

Found the ‘clothes spewing out of me’ bug. Anyone who has 'Perfectly Generic Item’s in their clothing configuration, please get rid of them.
Restructured the clothing set config file a bit, to make it easier to modify existing sets. The guide for writing the config patch has been updated.
Fixed the wrong names for the thick jumpsuit items.
Finally also updated the whole post here with the current information.

Removed some old and unnecessary scripts.

Remoced the log spam I added for testing. Sorry about that!

Fixed NPCs not following the predefined clothing sets.

Melards and melardies, it is back, better than ever before.

Big Fatties - Expanding Clothes GUI (13.3 KB)
Big Fatties - Expanding Clothes GUI Revised (Granular).zip (13.6 KB)

The button to open the GUI can now be found next to the two clothes slots in the BF GUI.
The old functionality has been restored as far as it goes: Place clothes in the slots to have them appear at the respective size, anything goes. Empty slots let the base BF code decide, so if you explicitely want nude bodies, either clear the two slots in the BF GUI or get the outfit bags from the weight scale.
The new preview screen shows how the player will look like. With the slider you can go through all the stages.
The “Detect” button now determines the items that standard BF would pick and fills the GUI slots with them.
Don’t forget to hit the “Save” button before closing the GUI. Otherwise you will lose the configuration again.
And as before, this is a client-side mod, so if you play on a server (and it doesn’t enforce matching assets) you can use it there without breaking anything.

A few things to note, though:
First, due to the item renaming that happened in BF a while back, I decided against loading the configurations from old versions. You’ll have to set things up anew, but that shouldn’t be a problem.
Second, I had to assemble the previews piece by piece, so there may be some wonkiness, especially with modded races. I accounted for a few of them (Avali made no problems, Peglaci, Dark Latex, Lamia and Lyceen are compatible), but there may be others I haven’t noticed yet. The only thing you should notice could be missing facial features (like e.g. Avians missing their beak, obviously not the case anymore). Feel free to tell me about them, and I’ll see what I can do.

Troubleshooting & Error Reporting

To keep this thread clean, please contact me via PM first. Common issues will be added to this post.

Best practice for reports is to 1) start up the game, 2) provoke the bug, 3) close the game, 4) write the report. The less time you spend ingame, the fewer other things (cluttering the log file) can happen. A short description of what you were doing in step 2 may be the best help for me finding the bug.

Another good help is the starbound log file. It is saved as /storage/starbound.log. Please include it in your reports.
If the file is too large, copy it to keep the original save, then shorten the copy cutting the front first. The most important information is usually at the end of the log.



  • Revival, preview screen


  • Fix crashing BF main script under specific circumstances
  • Fix override for regular size not working if BF clothing slots are empty


  • Added version for Granular WG.
  • Detect now only fills the gaps it finds in the configuration. Hit the button again right away to override the existing clothes.
  • Removed some log spam.

An extra post for the smaller mods. Installation & troubleshooting rules still apply.

Food Patches

(No picture here)

Update: Completely restructured. You find 5 mods in the zip, pick whichever you like. They should be fully compatible in any combination.
Big Fatties - Food (9.7 KB)

The choices are:

  • Removing rotting mechanic from Big Fatties Food
  • Allowing Big Fatties Food (and some more items) to stack
  • Anti-rot for vanilla food
  • Stacking for vanilla food
  • Shortening the “Well Fed” effect duration (this time without the ridiculous healing)

Food Description Fix

For those using the Improved Food Descriptions mod, this mod fixes the “Unknown effect” entries in Big Fatties’ foods (and now also the vanilla foods).
Big Fatties - Food Description (753 Bytes)

The effect titles can be freely changed without altering Big Fatties itself. Feel free to suggest alternatives.

Note: Quite a few people got a crash about a “missing dependency” on startup when using this add-on in conjuction with the Workshop version of the Description mod. To work around that, you have to manually download the Description mod and place it into your mods folder.


Fattening Staff Zones

Adds a new effect zone for staffs: The fattening zone. It does what is says on the tin.
Big Fatties - Fattening Staff (34.9 KB)

Those that want to spawn in staffs manually can do that with
\spawnitem rarestaff 1 '{"altAbilityType":"fatteningzone"}'
or if you prefer a one-handed wand instead
\spawnitem rarewand 1 '{"primaryAbilityType":"fatteningzone"}'
Using the zone as a staff’s primary ability doesn’t work, sadly.

The zone’s texture is a recolored repulsion zone. Spriters are welcome to draw their own zone textures and PM me.

Update: Add NPC tracker effect, so you don’t need to ‘prime’ them with other things beforehand.

Functional Weight Scales

Simply adds weight scales that tell you something that comes close to being your weight.
Big Fatties - Functioning Weight (2.3 KB)

Interact to get your weight. There are versions for kb and lbs, both available at the Big Fatties store. Finally, the scales are configured as NPC toys, so NPCs will step on and weigh themselves occasionally, including a few different reactions to the results.

Updated, so the values should now be consistent with the display in the Big Fatties GUI.

Fat Floats

Adds a buoyancy factor to the different weight stages. First you sink slower, later you really float.
Big Fatties - Fat (549 Bytes)
Big Fatties - Fat Floats (Granular).zip (638 Bytes)

The effects start at “Chubby”, and at “Extra Plump” (“Corpulent” for the Granular version) you achieve neutral buoyancy (neither sinking, nor drifting up).

Jelly Slimes

Jellyslimes new
Adds little and not so little colorful slimes to the game, that want nothing more than to stuff themselves into your mouth.
Big Fatties - Jelly (16.8 KB)

The slimes come in 3 sizes and (currently) 6 colors. Larger slimes split into smaller ones upon death, unless they are eaten up completely. You can also interact with the slimes to eat them manually, but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

For those wanting to find them in the wild, here is a list of biomes they naturally spawn in:

Spawn biomes

Main biomes: Lush, Forest, Jungle
Mini biomes: Colorful, Oasis, Swamp, Bioluminescent
Underground: Wilderness, Luminous Caves, Slime Caves

Since it got asked a few times, here is how to spawn them manually:

Spawning manually

The internal names are jellyslimemini, jellyslimenormal and jellyslimebig. To spawn them in, you use /spawnmonster, the same command as for other monsters aswell.
There sadly is no way to spawn multiple at once.

/spawnmonster jellyslimenormal for just getting one
/spawnmonster jellyslimenormal 5 for a specific difficulty level (0-10, here 5)
/spawnmonster jellyslimenormal 1 '{"slimeColor":"Green"}' to get a specific color, options are Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue and Purple

Or maybe have a look over here. Amuse took the idea of another popular mod, making the action figures into spawners. Have fun with that one!

Update: The slimes have received a new paintjob, done by the majestic Dispatch herself. Thanks for that, and I hope you enjoy it.
Update 2: Added NPC tracker effect, so NPCs plump up without former ‘priming’, and added a sound effect to indicate what is happening when they are near any humanoids.

Display Props

Adds a few objects that let you display items in the world. Mainly for decoration, food does still rot in them.
Display (2.9 KB)

Currently included are a small plate, and 4 sizes of invisible props. All of them can be crafted with your bare hands, and at the workbench in the “storage” tab.

Update: Found and fixed the bug that made the first item invisible after beaming in.
Another update: Found a workaround, so this mod is now server-friendly.

Status Pod Effects

Adds a few BF-related effects to the status pods littered around planets. You know, these ones. The jelly slime version is provided separately, because it requires the slime mod as base.
Big Fatties - Status Pod (5.9 KB)
Big Fatties - Jelly Slime (1.3 KB)

The currently implemented effects are:
  • a gyser of fattening gas (pictured above), at 4 different strengths

  • a gyser of slimming gas, also at 4 different strengths

  • a honey fountain

  • a chocolate fountain

  • lard grenades

  • an exploding grease pizza

  • a palm exploding with coconuts

  • the Mysterious Mirror replacing the status pod (Note on this one: The mirror has a wider base than the pod, so it needs an extra block of flat ground on both sides to appear.)

  • For the slimes, there are continuous and burst versions for all three sizes.

Update: Made fat and slim gas vary in strength, old strength is rank 3 of 4 (suggested by 7x9000); added coconut palm and Mysterious Mirror replacement; made separate version for spawning jelly slimes (all suggested by Ethyriel).
Update 2: Buffed liquid amount spawned by fountains tenfold. I think in this community it’s better to do too much than too little.
Update 3: Add NPC tracker to the fatgas (which probably won’t change much), and removed some debug log spam from the palm.
Update 4: Worked on the Mysterious Mirror replacement. If it fails to place the mirror in the world (e.g. because of lack of space), it now drops the item instead, along with sound and particle effects.

Unpacked Food Rations

Allows opening the food rations you can trade in space stations to get to the fattening goods inside.
Big Fatties - Unpack (2.3 KB)

Once you pick up regular rations, you unlock the recipe to open them. From there they behave like reward bags, only that they are one-handed and stackable, for mass opening convenience.
The contents are chosen from packages for more realism, so you may get several pizzas at once, or a selection of lardshakes, but no wild mix in a single package. Some choices are rarer than others, too.

Full list of possible contents
  • every BF donut once (10 items)
  • every BF ice cream once (4 items)
  • every BF hotdog once (6 items)
  • every BF cookie once (4 items)
  • burger menus, consisting of fries, greaseburgers, double greaseburgers, and/or whaleburgers
  • meat menues, consisting of meatfries, meatwiches, and/or double meatwiches
  • 6 loafs cinnamon bread
  • 3 pieces of plump sushi
  • 5 pieces of royal cake
  • 8 bars of BF chocolate
  • 6-pack of bloatcola
  • 6-pack of super fats cola
  • 6-pack of dandelion root pop
  • a mix of cow and whale milk
  • a mix of choco and strawberry milk
  • a mix of regular, chocolate and strawberry lardshakes
  • 5 blubbershlushies
  • 3 greasepizzas
  • 3 dense pizzaps
  • 6-pack of bloatcola classic
  • 5 enormous cakes
  • a mix of chateau cow milk and whale milk
  • a mix of chateau choco milk and chateau strawberry milk
  • a single anomalous cake

This add-on was suggested by 1234-5-6.

Update: Changed the loot generation to use Starbound’s treasure pool system. It allows for some more variety. Burger menus are no longer fixed, for example, but have varying amounts of fries and burgers in them.

Better Anomalous Cake

Spoiler warning: If you want to find out what this cake does on your own, don’t read this entry.

Allows the player to consume multiple anomalous cakes at once, and have all of them reappear instead of just one. (It’s more or less a fix.)
Big Fatties - Better Anomalous (1.3 KB)

This fix is not complete, though. You still lose one cake if you manage to eat two of them in the same game tick. But apart from that, the system is robust. Happy gorging!

Also, this items is normally not obtainable. Either spawn it in using the item name anomalouscake, or try to get lucky with the unpacked rations above.

Fat Element

Adds fat as 5th element for generated weapons, next to fire, ice, poison and electric.
Big Fatties - Fat (109.3 KB)
Big Fatties - Fat Element (Granular).zip (109.9 KB)
Every generated weapon has a chance to appear with fat as its element now (except for common weapons, as they don’t have elements), and all special abilities have variations for it aswell.
Additionally, monsters have received resistance or weakness to this new element. In short, anything that is metallic, ghostly, or otherwise anorganic is resistant to fat attacks, while everything that looks squishy or fleshy is weak to it. For those that want PvP: The player has a resistance/weakness too, changing with their weight, and the attacks of rare weapons and special abilities fatten players (and NPCs) up further.

Note: The Adaptable Crossbow has not been changed, for compatibility reasons.

Player resistance progression

A slim player has 50% resistance to fat attacks. That resistance slowly decreases with increasing weight, until it reaches 0% at ‘Extra chubby’. Going further will make the player weak to fat attacks, reaching double damage received at ‘Extra fat’, triple at ‘Blob’, and quadruple at ‘Immobile’.
With Granular WG, that progression is the same, with a few more intermediate values during the stages inbetween.

Full Monster list

Resistant (0.5x dmg)

Bobot, Crustoise, Glitch Knight, Glitch Spider**, Gosmet, Lumoth, Nutmidge*, Orbide, Peacekeeper Drone, Peblit, Pipkin, Robot Chicken, Scandroid, Skimbus, Spookit, Tintic, Triplod, Voltip, Wisper

Normal (1.0x dmg)

Capricoat, Crabcano, Crutter, Hypnare, Ignome, Iguarmor, Oogler, Parasprite, Paratail, Petricub, Poptop*, Ringram, Scaveran, Sewerfly**, Snaggler, Sporgus, Swarpion, Toumingo, Trictus, Yokat

Weak (1.5x dmg)

Adult Poptop*, Agrobat, Anglure, Apex Brain Mutant**, Apex Mutant, Batong, Bobfae, Bulbop, Chicken, Cosmic Intruder, Fennix, Gleap, Hemogoblin, Ixoling, Lilodon, Mandraflora, Miasmop, Monopus, Moontant, Narfin, Nautileech**, Nutmidgeling*, Oculob, Po, Po Golem, Pteropod, Pulpin, Pyromantle, Quagmutt, Smoglin, Snaunt, Snuffish, Squeem, Taroni, Tentabomb, Tentaclam, Tentacrawler, Tentaghost, Tentagnat, Tentaspawner

*closely related monsters with different resistances (Poptops and Nutmidges)
**fully coded in the basegame, but unused

Update: Added NPC tracker to the effects. Sadly, the fattening effect itself doesn’t work on NPCs (yet).

Crushing Weight

Players are now able to crush their enemies with their weight. Jump from high places for maximum effect.
Big Fatties - Crushing (9.0 KB)
(usable with and without Granular WG)

An idea that has been going around for quite a while finally became reality. Players that fall quick enough are able to damage anything they are landing on. Fall speed is a big factor in the damage dealt, so just hopping around as fatties won’t help you much against enemies, but you can break pots and capsules by jumping on them.
Beware though that this does not protect from either enemies with contact damage (most monsters) or fall damage (negated by BF for plump and up).

Update: I raised the fall speed required to cause the crushing effect, so single jumps under normal gravity don’t trigger crushing anymore. Also added a toggle to the BF GUI where the feature can be turned off entirely. Off is the default from now on.


I tried to follow your instructions for adding clothing to it, but it only crashed my game when I tried to start it up. I’m trying to add in the Noble set, do you have more-detailed instructions? I must’ve messed up something somewhere.

Hello, I’m having problems with all of the expansions (Expanding Clothes, Default Food and Fattening Staff Zones) - they simply don’t do anything, and in case with first one it also breaks whole Glutton badge system for me (badges don’t work, neither on me or on NPCs). Now, I understand that the problem might be caused not by your mod, but, first of all, when I disable Expanding Clothes Expansion, Glutton badges start to work again, and second, I still can’t explain why won’t other two expansions work.

Have you got the most recent version of the expansion mod? It broke the badges for me too, before I updated it.

Default Food is now in the Big Fatties base mod, the crossed out version doesn’t do anything anymore. The other version has also been updated. The current version is working for me.

Fattening Zones was working, just not showing up naturally. Found out why, the update will be out in a few minutes.

Oh, well, I looked up when your posts were edited last time and thought that you didn’t update them since I downloaded expansions last time. Anyway, thanks, I checked and everything works fine.

How can I change the value of Food Description Fix?

is there a way to get a staff with the fattening effect quickly or do you need to have on randomly spawn

you can use Spawnable Items Pack mod, it allows to quickly spawn guns, staffs and etc. with specific effects

thank you i will try this

nope didn’t work
any other ideas

@teiniet, which values do you want to change? The names of the effects? Either unpack the mod and look into IFD_statuseffects.config.patch, the customLabels are what will be displayed. Or PM me your choices and I’ll do that for you.

@cnd-doom, to spawn a staff with the fattening effect, use \spawnitem rarestaff 1 '{"altAbilityType":"fatteningzone"}'

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I’m sorry, I am not very familiar with it, so I would like to see tools and tools for viewing the contents of patch. Is the number after the number to increase fat?

First of all, .patch files (when talking about Starbound mods) are text files and can be opened by any text editor. If the editor has syntax highlighting, you can use the JSON syntax.
For unpacking the mod itself, there should be a program called asset_unpacker in the Starbound installation.

And second, the “Food Description Fix” only shows the effects, it doesn’t change them.

I’m having problems with expandable clothing. Followed instructions and yet dosen’t work. Help?

What is the problem?

It simply does not work. As soon as I move up a size, my clothes pop off.

Sorry if its a dumb question, but is the .pak file in the root of the mods folder and not in the big fatties folder? Post a screenshot of your mod folder if you could please. Here’s what my mod folder looks like:


OOOOOOHHHHHHHH! I have to TAKE out the PAK! And not just paste it from the zip! Imma try

That’s right. Won’t it work?