Starbound Big Fatties Add-Ons - Expanding Clothes and other small additions

Haven’t been able to sadly going on a week vac. Welp. EDIT: I tested it out and it still doesn’t work, even when i’m thin I can’t even put on clothes.


At least one mod is installed incorrectly. The items and scripts folder as well as the _metadata file come from a mod, and should therefore be inside another folder, like Big Fatties here.

Best thing would be removing these folders and the file, and install that mod, whichever it was, like the others.

Yeah, your best bet is finding out the mod that’s conflicting

Alright so I cleaned it up and it still doesn’t work! screen Should I delete races? I feel like it might somehow guk up my game

Try it but it may break your save. Back up the storage folder found in Starbound’s root directory. Just copy the whole thing onto somewhere else and if it breaks just put it back along with the mod.
EDIT: Reinstalling big fatties might not be a bad idea

Okay, deleted it, gettin ready

I just read your original complaint:

That was intended by me. Take off the badge, put on the clothes, put on the badge. That should do it.

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Freaaaak. I just got rid of my workshop mods. Tested it out…IT WORKS!!! Thank you man! Kinda lame I can’t play as in a while all hell will be released on our vacation rush.

Good to hear that is works now. Sorry if I busted up your game. Enjoy your vacation, Starbound ain’t going anywhere, lol.

I can’t find a program to unpack the .pak files that doesn’t require money, is extremely convoluted, or needs you to actually alter code via notepad++ or similar programs. Any way to do in a simple and free method?

Wut. You don’t have to unpack the .pak itself. You just gotta drop it in the mod folder and you’re good 2 go. See my post above.

So I just drop the .pak files into the BigFatties folder?

Nah, put it in the root of the mods folder. Don’t mix it up with any other mod. Put it in the same place where you see the file called “mods_go_here

It’s working now, yay!!!


so what happen if all your .pak files are all notepad files?

It doesn’t matter what your PC thinks .pak means. The only important part is that they are actually .pak files.

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The new Add-on you made is also great.

Alright guys, here is a little teaser for what is coming up next. Please excuse the spritework, I’m not really an artist.



seems mostly okay, just needs transparency/shading. It’s a slime after all.