Starbound Big Fatties Add-Ons - Expanding Clothes and other small additions

How do you spawn in the anomalous cake with the spawnitem command?

/spawnitem anomalouscake

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What on earth is that menu? I’ve never seen that!

Apologies if this isnt the right place to ask, but this does have a lot to do with clothing and such so here goes. I want to make some of the clothing sets compatible with granular, let alone big fatties but Im not sure how I’d get the mods to recognize the sprite sheets. Spriting I know, how any mod or coding functions is beyond me. Any help is greatly appreciated.

If you already know how to make your sprited clothes appear ingame as new items, the only thing you have to do is to give them the correct internal names (the itemname field). The naming scheme is simply
<size><baseItemName>, so for example, the protectoratechest from the base game gets associated with thickprotectoratechest, chubsterprotectoratechest, etc. That’s really all there is to it, thankfully.

If you don’t know how to set up your sprites as items, DM me, and I’ll walk you through the process over there.

Hi Tobias & Starbound Fans!

I have set up an addition for Tobias’s Jelly Slime addon that utilizes the code from Action Spawners.

Requires: Dispach’s Big Fatties and Tobias’s Big Fatties - Jelly Slimes
Includes: Action Spawners this is not required, but since I used the code from it it would be nice if you supported the mod author by subscribing to their mod as well.

[File updated 4/5 at 7:00pm pst]
You can download the mod on my new Mod Thread.


  • Adds a Mini Slime Figurine, Slime Figurine, and Big Slime Figurine to the Big Fatties store inventory.
  • Each figurine can be wired to a switch or button that spawns a slime of a random color every 5 seconds while the figure is receiving an active signal.


  • Slimes have a 1/100 chance to drop an action figure, or a 1/50 chance if killed with a bow.
  • I am not responsible for issues caused by leaving your slime spawners on! You have been warned~

Known Issues:

  • Jelly Slimes do not drop action figures despite having the code for it. IDK why!

Feel free to message me if you encounter any errors and I will look into it.

Happy… slime-ing?


Nice work you’ve got! Can’t wait to make some slime traps with this

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So, I have found out that anytime you kill a slime, it gives you an error. A big slime, at least.

Can you send me the error log? I’ll take a look and see if I messed something up somewhere.
Pastebin is a good site to use for sending error logs.

Well, it’s more a “You get sent back to the ship” kind of error. There isn’t much of a log, just getting sent back to your ship.

It should still put out a log, generally.
However, I was able to replicate the issue and the log did not put out anything helpful haha.
What’s weird is, I was able to kill a Big Slime and it dropped a Big Slime Figurine, and no crash happened. It seems to crash when it doesn’t drop a figurine.
I’ll do some more research, thanks for giving me the heads up to this issue.

EDIT: I think I got it! I’ll upload the fix now. And now I understand monster drop pools better~
I updated the main post, but you can also get the updated here: File on MEGA

EDIT2: Unfortunately the big slimes still cause a crash to ship on death, though only occasionally. I’m really not sure what the issue is, so if someone would like to look at my code please let me know.

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Am I missing something or does the Meatprepper apron not scale with fatness? It seems like there’s only the base version.

I think you are in the wrong thread for that. My mod doesn’t provide any clothing, it just allows customization. Depending on where the clothes you are concerned about come from, I’d direct you to the main Big Fatties thread or to the Mod Fatties thread.

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Quick question.

Just wondering how the granular variant of the Fat Element add-on is meant to be implemented. If I’m using the granular add-on, does that mean I need the corresponding version of the Fat Element mod in addition to the standard one? Or does that mean I’m supposed to only use the granular version? Just asking because I’m not sure if this was ever clarified.

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Only the granular version. Yes, I should clarify that up in the post and not just here in the comments.

Ok, thanks for clarifying.

Hi @Tobias1595!

I’ve been playing around with the Jelly Slimes mod more, and it seems to have problems adding weight to NPCs. I’m not sure if its a base game BF issue, or a Jelly Slimes issue. I’ll provide my log file to see if it can be of any help.

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You’ll need to fatten them yourself with a fattening weapon for the slimes to affect them. Even a single tap from a lard shake gun is sufficient.

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Has any progress been made with the Fat Element mod? I saw the fattening effect doesn’t work yet so I was wondering if you had gotten any progress on it

Sorry, but I’m currently not aware of any issues. The fattening effect works on players, but not on NPCs, which has to do with BF itself, not my add-on. If there is a different issue, please let me know.

Also, posts made solely for asking for updates are discouraged. We are all hobbyists and volunteers here. Please don’t press us like this.

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