Amuse's Big Fatties Additions (Race Support & Granular WG Sprite Updates)

Update 6/22/2021
My laptop died about two months ago, but I finally have my drives back and I was able to successfully recover all my data, including my Starbound sprites and mods! I’m busy with a lot of life right now, so my projects are on hold until the next official release of the BF mod. Untill then, stay frosty!

I’ve become quite fond of Dispatch’s Big Fatties mod for Starbound, and I wanted a place to showcase all the additions I have made, and the ones I plan on making. Please don’t leave requests here unless I have specifically asked for them!

If you have questions or issues with any of my addons, you are welcome to comment here or message me, though I cannot promise a timely response.

Oh yea, I also updated a google docs Mod List that had been posted a while ago. I organized it and added more recent mods to it.

. : Releases : .

Arcanian Race Support
Adds Big Fatties & Granular WG support to the Arcanian race from the Arcana mod.
Requires: Big Fatties + Arcana
Download (3/6/2021) / Granular Download (3/5/2021)

Arcanian Race Support Changelog & Details


  • v0.7 (3/6/2021) - Adds armor sprites for all weight stages and busty/stuffed/filled variations. Huge, Titanic, and Blob sprites are currently using place holders and are missing the chest markings.

Alrune Race Support
Adds Big Fatties & Granular WG support to the Alrune race.
Requires: Big Fatties + The Alrune Race
Download (3/6/2021) / Granular Download (3/6/2021)

Alrune Race Support Changelog & Details


  • v1.1 (4/5/2021) - Fixes the base Alrune .pak so its not accidentally just the granular version again.
  • v1.0 (3/6/2021) - Adds armor sprites for all weight stages and busty/stuffed/filled variations. Huge, Titanic, and Blob sprites have minimal changes to the bra style from the human sprites.

Action Spawners + Jelly Slimes
Adds Jelly Slime action figure items that can be wired up to spawn Jelly Slimes every 5 seconds.
Requires: Big Fatties + Jelly Slimes
Optional: Action Spawners
Download (4/5/2021)

Action Spawners + Jelly Slimes Changelog & Details


  • v1.4 (4/5/2021) - All drops are now fixed! No slimes will crash your world, and all have a small chance of dropping an action figure. More common than base game action figures, but still rare.
  • v1.2 (4/5/2021) - Fixes slimes crashing worlds, but slimes no longer drop action figures. Moved the slime action figures to the Big Fatties shop instead of Frog Furnishing.
  • v1.1 (3/5/2021) - Adds three Action Figures to Frog Furnishing and the drop pools of all Jelly Slimes. Each size of Jelly Slime will only drop an Action Figure of the same size at a 1/100 chance (1/50 if killed with a bow). When wired up to an active signal, a slime action figure will spawn a slime of the matching size every 5 seconds.

Spawn Item Names

  • bfslimemaf (Mini Slime Figure)
  • bfslimenaf (Normal Slime Figure)
  • bfslimebaf (Big Slime Figure)

Granular WG Resprite
A revamp of the Granular WG sprites to match the latest release of Big Fatties. The original Granular WG is REQUIRED, as this mod only contains sprites. Current release contains resprites for: Humans.

If you would like to help me resprite, please contact me! I have painfully set up templates that will help you art!

Requires: Granular WG
Download (4/20/2021)

Granular WG Resprite Changelog & Details


  • v0.1.0 (4/20/2021) - Adds support for clothed humans. Known Issues: Huge/Titanic arms not updated, so part of bra appears missing on females.

Claiming an extra reply slot for an In Progress post, separate from the release post, for ease of readability. If this is not allowed, please let me know!

. : In Progress : .

Granular WG Revised(?)
So, I’ve taken it upon myself to attempt to tackle updating the Granular WG sprites to match the new sprite upgrades Dispatch has showcased in the Big Fatties discord.

So far, I have completely finished updating all the nude human sprites of both genders for all granular sizes, and all busty/filled/stuffed variations. It took a LOT of time and work, and makes me unsure if I will be able to do all the races by myself.

Example Here:

I have also created a version of MrMoto’s Granular WG mod that matches the new file structure of Big Fatties (as showcased in the discord) and removes all the extra files causing bloat in the mod (did you know there’s a ton of unused backup .pngs and .ase files within the .pak!? there’s like, so many)
I’m trying to get ahold of MrMoto so I can send them the update file structure, but I have not heard back from them and they seem to not have visited the forum in a long while. If you happen to know them, could you reach out for me? Feel free to shoot me a message if you have questions!

If I were to start working on updating the sprites for another base game race, what would you like to see?

Next race to get updated Granular WG sprites?
  • Apex
  • Avian
  • Floran
  • Glitch
  • Hylotl
  • Novakid

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Race Support Templates

I also started a project to help anyone who wants to create additional race support for Big Fatties.
Using DrPvtSkittles’s Basic Race Mod setup script (with permission!) it uses template files and a renaming script to create ready-to-use sprites and armor files that work in game automatically. Great for artists who are baffled by the internals of Starbound.

The Big Fatties Race Support is ready to go, but I will be waiting to distribute it until the next release of the Big Fatties mod is out.


So, I popped on weight gaming, just dicking around, looking at shit here and there, then a little angel whispers in my ear: “Why don’t you look at the Starbound big fatties area?”

I am very glad I listened to said angel


Nice addons, although I seem to have run into a problem with the Jelly Slime action spawners. Whenever I’m fighting slimes spawned from the figures, I get booted from the planet back to my ship.

Aw man, I thought I had fixed this. I’ll do some more testing later tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for reporting this!

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Hey there! I’ve pushed an update for Jelly Slimes + Action Spawners.

This new version fixes the crashing bug, but I did have to remove the action figures from the drop pools of slime. (Well technically the drop pools are still there they just… don’t work. Idk why~)

It also moves the Slime Action Figures to the Big Fatties shop instead of Frog Furnishings.

The download is updated in the initial post.

EDIT: I have pushed a v1.3 that should actually fix big slimes causing world crashes. Big slimes don’t drop action figures, but normal and mini should. Goodness I cannot fathom why the big slime breaks but the others do not.

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i think that both of the Alrune downloads are for granular

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Hmm, okay I double checked the links and it should be working now.

If not, you can find all the mods in one folder here.

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I’ve tried both links for the Alrune mod, but the sprites for the NON-granular wg don’t change. What do?

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You’re totally right. I misunderstood and just thought the links themselves were incorrect, not the actual download files.

I have fixed the issue and uploaded a v1.1 to the download post above! Thank you so much for reporting this issue.

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Granular WG Resprite v0.1.0 is now available! It updates all the human sprites, of both genders, to match the art update of the latest WIP release of Big Fatties. Granular WG is REQUIRED for Granular WG Resprite to work. It is not a stand-alone. It has only been lightly tested, so feedback is appreciated.

Known Issues: The arms on the Huge/Titanic stages are not complete for female characters, so the bra can appear partially missing most of the time. I’m tired and forgot I still needed to update those when I pakced everything up.

You can find the download link in the first post of this thread! Enjoy.

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