Starbound Mod Mod: Mod Fatties

Get the big fatties fix update for the BigFatties mod itself- Should fix that right up.

Umm, why aren’t the swimsuit bags not working?

It briefly worked but the issue returned somehow when I updated the regular Big Fatties mod.
Thanks you for the help though.

How odd…sorry to hear that then but glad I was able to help briefly, then~. It’s still possible that getting rid of the whole folder in SSVM will work, but again, no idea how reliant that mod is on armor folders being present in certain formats.

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I think one of my issues mite be being caused by the “Expanding Clothing” mod I’ve been using- I kinda use it as a stand in for non supported races/ to kinda tailor things more to my taste.
I’ll tinker around with files and see if I can find a solution. So far my tinkering has made it clear its only the vore tool that’s being effected by the issue.
Hecc I can’t thank you enough you’ve been incredibly nice.

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Oh! If that’s indeed the same, standalone mod from Starbound Big Fatties Add-Ons - Expanding Clothes and other small additions, then that’s certainly likely to mess with your game quite a bit with it already being a feature in the main mod, although not sure to what extent it would cause this particular problem, but eh, you never know.

Either way, you’re very welcome! I’m no Starbound modding “professional”, but I know enough about it so that I at least have an idea of what might be causing certain problems, so I just like to try to help out if I happen to be around!

…especially since I experience some of these problems myself uwu

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i will make a second attempt to request this, because why not

can someone please add BF support to the protogen race, please

Find someone to pay, then.
Don’t be a beggar.

alright, so idk if the harpies have been worked on/ are currently being worked on and there is a whopping almost 400 messages I dont wanna scroll through.
SO! imma put the link to these Harpy races I can be informed if they have already been worked on, or they can just be there to be worked on if they havent. purely optional on what you do, but here is the race

I just have a few Quick Questions: What are the Storage Feeding Tubes for, can you interact with them, and, if you can, how? When I hover my cursor over it, it doesn’t have that one outline around the object that shows that you can interact with it, but since there is an “NPC Compatible” version of the Tube, and since it’s known as “Furniture”, I figured there was some way you could use it. Also, I apologize if my question seems vague or not very descriptive; I’m still pretty new to Starbound and it’s various mods, so I don’t really know if there’s any terminology I should be using to describe various things in the game.

I was just asking if anyone has made or is working on getting the lamia race to blob sizes, and if not; any info or assistance for doing that done myself would be greatly appreciated.
I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’m hoping to see this done.
Thanks for any assistance, and all the work you people do put into this!

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Ayo, hows it coming along? If it’s finished and i didn’t see it just link a download somewhere.

Progress on it is going well, i had it ready to be released but then i noticed on the fatty and blob sizes the legs swapped colours, so i have fix that, then i found out that the blob sleeves don’t look right either. I’m sorry for it taking so long i’m just really lazy lol


It’s all good, broski. Tell me when you get around to it, please.

Hello, saw the person who was originally working on the Viera race say that whoever wants could take the reigns on it in here. Will it continue to be worked on as I would be interested in seeing that.

What races does the granular mod fatties pak support? It doesn’t seem to work for argonians. Wondering if something is broken or its just not there

Finally came back to have a look at this mod, and I’m liking the progress it’s made! Having the option to have your character dynamically gain weight, with outfits that fit the different stages is quite good. Playing through the game again I also got inspired to do a little bit of spriting to spruce up my own ship - I haven’t the first clue how to mod this game but it’s possible to use a custom sign importer, remove frames and allow transparent colors to basically import sprites as signs. I figured someone else might get some enjoyment out of it as well.

If there’s interest I’d be open to sharing the sprites I’ve done so far, or potentially helping out making new ones.


Oh I like those. if you do share could you make alt version at somepoint? more different race in them type of alt?

The races mentioned in the mod’s files are the Kemono, Gallifreyan, Neko, Nightar, Ningen, Barometta, Clownkin, Dreemurrers, Eevee, Gardevan, GoatPerson, Lamia, Lastree, and Radien. Most of them should work but I know that the Lamia only has upper body support.

Ah so argonians dont have granular support then? Got it