Starbound Mod: Big Fatties

i know this may be a stupid question, but do you keep the .rar files as they are or do you need to unpack them as well? cause i keep getting errors saying that the program im using cant open the archive (using 7zip) for both mod fatties and mod fatties races. i was able to unpack the lyceen pack though, which is why im askin if the .rars even need more work before puttin them in the mod folder

Yes you need to unpack the .rar files before putting them into your mods folder, you can use the free software winrar to do it.

well i was getting game crashes when the chuckle fish logo came up, so im guessin that may not be right

I have added those races in, for any future questions and bug reports related to mod fatties, or race suggestions please see the Mod Fatties thread so we don’t keep cluttering up the official thread.

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Here’s the link for the “Mod Fatties” thread.

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after installing this a lot of the npcs in the outpost go missing, the penguins keep dying as soon as they spawn and theres no way to progress through the game without Esther

Found and fixed!

I’m currently prepairing a new thread for the mod, it may be a few minutes until I post the update.

After the update, the NPCs should be spawned again when you enter the outpost. (They did for me.)

Hello does the dummy thick badge work with the original races because it doesn’t the stats are their but not the sprite for the character model

You have to wear the actual thick size as well. The dummy thick badge just gives you the hitbox and weightiness

The only badges that automatically change your appearance are the glutton badges, all the others just give the hitbox, you need to use the outfit bags to get the size you want to use for them.

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And what do you mean use the bag and get the size I want for them?

Use the scales and chose the second tab. There will be bags (they look like reward bags).

I know that already but am I able to get certain body styles like a very bottom heavy character by just getting rid of the top and head slots

You can just mix and match the different sized chest and leg pieces to get the look you want, open the bags and try out the different ones to find the look you’re after.

Any badge not that is not the green based, glutton badges do not automatically add clothing to your character. They are more permanent, static changes that allows for flexibility. If you wish to be more bottom heavy or top heavy, you are free to do so as the bags from the weightscale simply gives you clothing. They function like any other piece of clothing in the game so you’re free to mix and match them. The dummy thick badge is specifically intended to go with the plump legs and any chest piece below the plump size. To go with the wide hips and remove the notable bump the belly would’ve had of that same size.

Since the thread has calmed down, and it might’ve gotten lost in the wave of discussion. Figured I’d bring this up again, only not as vague. I’ve taken so long with the simple armor update that I’ve decided to throw in something extra. That something extra is support for the mod race, the Avali.


Nice, is it available yet?

Not yet, it’s part of the next update. I’ll post on when it’s ready.

Ah I see now thank for the information on this and in detail as well thank you for the help

How to make npc fat?