Granular WG For Big Fatties Release!

same as what i said on big fatties, did you extract the contents of the zip into your mod folder?

i i extracted and then moved it in there

is it possible to extend interaction reach when you are Fatty and Blob sizes? because right now you can’t open doors in front or below you when at those sizes

I don’t believe it’s possible, due to limitations of the engine itself. The game makes the assumption the player is a certain size, and there’s no way to make it change that assumption.

Although to be honest, if your belly was bigger than your arms were long, then you should be having a problem reaching things anyway, no? :slight_smile:

Very nice addition to an already very nice mod. Would love to see an additional stage between fatty and blob sizes if you’ve got that planned at all, because boy is that a pretty radical jump as-is. Still though, thanks for the great work!

Hello! I enjoy the mod a bunch and love the smoother transitions! The thing I noticed was that the fatty hoodie didn’t appear in the auto-detect since the .ini for it said fatty wasn’t available, but I typed in the name and got it to appear. Just a heads up and I hope to see more clothes from the community that utilizes this mod!

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question what is the command to spawn the bustyaltcorpulenthumanchest ?
i was digging in the files and saw somethings that were in game

The way I use the alt sprites is I just overwrite the regular human sprite with the alt sprites.

do you know the wording of the command

I don’t think there’s an actual item name for it, you just have to overwrite the sprite. It’s purely an alternate sprite set.

how would i do that ?

btw i found out how to do it and by any chance can i ask for help on makeing the pixel hero set in to fat clothing

I saw this and was curious: how feasible would it be to make the final frame of immobility like the one in the tweet?

EDIT: here’s the base he provided already


is it usable ???

No animations, but the creator did make it for use with the Avali originally, but with a couple tweaks by a knowledgeable sprite artist it can be made for the other species


Yeah, that’d be cool. But it involves a lot of work to animate something that huge. It’d be cool to use that provided base, but I’d have to get permission from the artist. Plus, I’d like to get a stage or two in between fatty and blob before I move on to bigger sizes.

Speaking of which…

These sizes take a lot time to get right, literally, because of how huge they are (lotta jigglin’ animation to do). So just sit tight. They’ll come out when they come out.


Godspeed, champion. Those big sizes are insanely tough to work with, I wish you luck.


Wonderful! Keep up the great work!

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Looks like a great addition, and definitely one I’ve been hoping for, too. Good luck!

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