Introducing, TheRealFalconpawnch7!

Former Lurker, now member, ready to offer some services if anyone needs them. I am an artist by trade, though have dabled in writing and game design here and there. Some examles of my work can be found here:

As you can see, I’m comfortable with larger female designs, and would be willing to help out with projects to advance this trajectory. :wink: I also do weight gain related art, but I don’t have any on me at this point in time.


Unless in my country they charge too many taxes to open a paypal account or any other time I would

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I accept other forms of payment as well.

Well, he only had thanks XD

No worries, thanks for replying :smiley:

seriously speaking, you can use a program to create a visual novel, they are relatively easy to use

I know, but that requires me to have one of those programs.

Well here are some.

Thank you for the links, I’ll look into these programs.

Welcome! Happy to have you here with us!