Introduction and sort of resume

Hey, I figure I’ve been on this website for a few years now and should do an introduction. I’m just a fellow degenerate who enjoys helping out where I can. I’d love to work with a team to help make a game which is why this is going to end up as more of a resume than an introduction.

So far my only real claim to fame was making ChocoLand in the 2020 Gain Jam. Other than that I’ve mainly just done some sprite edits and playtesting. Right now I am working on learning 3D stuff in Blender. If someone/a team needs an extra member to help support making their game, I have a little of bit of skills in a lot of categories but nothing spectacular.

Other than that I just want to say how much I appreciate this website and those that post here. Also here some of the work I’ve done.

Edit: Finally made a Twitter to upload my work

Also added some updated images to this post.

PikaVibinPixel SpoopyPixels


Wasn’t expecting to see Jet here. Very interesting.

They are great without a doubt, sadly I already invested a lot of time in my previous game, but it will be worth playing again

Good luck, friend! I am sure there is some team out there for you!

I hope you’ll get paid for your work. That modeling is more than free asset quality.

Happy to have you here with us! ChocoLand was a fun concept so I look forward to seeing anything else you get involved with, weather your project or some one else’s!

I hate to bump my own introduction but I created a Twitter for some of the work I have done recently. Also I switched out some of the pictures I had. The .gifs I posted are 3D models I did a pixelation effect in Blender. Not everything I do is pixelated but the pixel .gifs are way easier to post due to file sizes.