Introduction Post Thingy

Hey everyone, it’s sure as hell been a while.

So, those of you who have been around the site for a while may know who I am… and you may also know that I was a minor at the time that I originally joined the site. I deeply apologize for that - it was, in short, fucking stupid of me.

So… why did I make a new account instead of appealing the ban on the old one?

…i forgor the login :skull:

I am willing to prove I am an adult this time around though - I was born May 14th, 2003, and I’ll be happy to provide ID to moderators in DMs.

Why did I rejoin the site?

Well… this is pretty much the only place that still has some kind of easily accessible documentation on Boundless. I’ve been somewhat desperate to talk about the worldbuilding of the Leupai, and learn more about something that I never got to experience. I’m hyperfixated on it, and it’s one of the few things to maintain my attention for this many years on end.

Hope yall have a great day! And yes, I did hit Post too early, oops.