Introductions are in order

Hello all, my name’s Soltan, or to some others it might be Alter, depends on if you know me already or not lol
Soltan is my furry character while Alter is my human character, both are pretty chunky dudes.

I’ve been around the weight gain circles for over 10 years now, got a hefty roster of characters and art you can find here

Found this forum from the gaining perspective game, so from that you can prolly tell I really like weight gain stories. I try to write some of my own now and then, I mostly just love coming up with ideas and sharing them with people, so hopefully I can do the same here!

Feel free to ask me anything, I love sharing my past experiences and imparting any advice I can offer.

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Welcome! I hope you will find our little corner of the internet a fun and enjoyable place.

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Lookin around here now it seems like a really nice place so far :smile_cat:

Welcome to the forums, soltan.

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