Introductions, community and advice!

Hey all, I’m a long time lurker and occasional poster on all kinds of weight gain websites, including Deviantart,, tumblr, this website and more! Thought I’d finally make an account and get a little more involved on here as I’ve found a bunch of games through this website. I thought I’d start with two requests;
For the first, I’m looking for some more communities of writers and game creators on places like discord or deviantart that are open to members at the moment, it’d be nice to chat with other people about ideas.
I’m also looking for some advice on game creation, I’ve written some weight gain stuff before and I’ve been toying with the idea of getting into Twine or something similar to try my hands at making something short, but Twine was a little complicated for my poor tech stupid brain. So, I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for other programs that can also make similar interactive stories.
Also just feel free to say hi, I’m always keen to chat!

Hey, nice to see people come out of shadows.
I’d love to help you with your two requests, but I don’t know many more properly working communities with active members (Only discord servers).
Regarding writing programs, I think you should give Twine another try. If you want to make a REALLY basic story, then it’s super simple. (I can share a couple of cool scripts with you!)

Welcome to the forums.

Regarding the second request… If you want something REALLY simple, I suppose you’d have to go with wiki-design software or applications. Not particularly powerful or elegant, but… If you basically just need to figure out how to get pages to link to each other, then that’ll do it. They also can be good playgrounds for Javascript, too, if you find yourself wanting to play with it.

Sharing it with other people is a whole different kettle of fish, of course.

Thanks, I’m more than happy to join discord servers if you know any! I joined the websites official one but it’d be cool to find a few more too.
As for Twine, I’ll definitely give it another go, writing out a story with chapters that link to eachother was fairly easy, but setting up inventories and stats and any kind of character changes was well beyond my ability :stuck_out_tongue: I’d love to see some scripts if you’re willing to share though!

Yeah that’s what seemed to happen with Twine, I did the basics fine but then it tried to get into java and scripting and that was it I was out of my depth. True about the sharing too, this website seems like a good place though.

Welcome! We are happy to have you here. To try to help with some of your questions:

Unfortunately we dont know of many other communities that focus on this type of topic due to how niche it is. There are some good project discords where you can chat about those things but they can be a bit hard to find sometimes. If you are looking for more real time chat though I would suggest checking out our discord. We have quite a few devs on it and most people are willing to chat about those types of topics and ideas.

Twine is unfortunately your best bet for what you are looking for. I dont think you will find any other engines that are simpler than twine, though there may be some paid engines.