Inventory not working

While exploring in the forest, after I believe the cream tree encounter, I attempted to open my inventory. However, I was not presented with my inventory, but instead my character description screen, which was the last non-gameplay screen I had viewed. I walked to different areas and tried opening other things like my stats and every time, when I tried to open my inventory, it showed the last screen I had viewed that was not the regular gameplay screen. Even after saving, refreshing, and loading, the inventory still will not work. This is quite annoying.

However, your load system seems to work well, and I really like the game. Good job!

I can say I encountered this once, and since I made the mistake of saving afterwards, I was unable to access the inventory at all on that save, and had to reload an old one.

I’ve also run across this, though I think Atticus is aware of it. At least, if you look at the debug commands, you’ll find one simply called “fix” in the list. It’s description states “Use in case a bug locks one out of their inventory.” I haven’t run across it again since I found that, so I couldn’t say for sure, but it sounds like what we’re talking about here.

Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been a bit preoccupied and hadn’t checked the forums in a while.
Other than the cream tree event has anyone noticed anything in particular that’s triggering this? Is it just encountering the tree, losing, leaving something?
Its been reported before but I haven’t been able to replicate it.

The “fix” command should, hopefully help, but it was made a long time ago to fix a similar bug. So it’s pretty 50/50 on that.
When I get some time I’ll do a little more digging to see whats going on.

Sorry for any inconveniences folks.

Well, I got it to happen again. I don’t think the cream tree causes it, I think it has something to do with either the odd box or with having your inventory close to full, because those were things that both of my files had in common. I’ll try out the “fix” command. But yeah, it probqbly has to do with rapidly searching the odd box over and over.

I’m pretty sure it was the odd box, because I was searching through it when I had this happen.

My suspicion is that it is events that add to the inventory while it is already full (collecting honey maybe?). There’s no “do you want to drop it or replace another item?” kind of dialogue that I’ve seen. That’s guesswork BTW.

I was able to get this bug to replicate regularly when I wore a piece of clothing other than the bodysuit, and burst out of it. Every time, I could access my inventory until the item of clothing burst, and then my inventory would be locked out. I’m not sure if there are other triggers, but I tried going elsewhere, and doing other things, and it kept on triggering only when I burst a piece of clothing.

A little late to the bug party, but have experienced the bug myself, while searching the odd box. I think I picked up some twisted blossom and had little/ no inventory room left. The inventory screen disappeared in a similar way to everybody else, but I noticed that there was a stack of twisted blossom that was being added to when I got more blossoms, but could not be seen on the item exchange screen (which otherwise worked as normal)

Hope this helps!

Ok, as far as i can tell the inventory stops working when I click on status then click on inventory. (its something in the status menu or one of the sub menus… after clicking it then trying to switch to inventory.) After finding this out I just made sure to exit from status first before ever clicking inventory.

This has led me to a worse bug though… Persistence of the bug after reloading from a save.