Is anyone familiar with the BnS UE4 Mod tool?

There’s a mod tool for Blade N Soul that allows slider extension for hyper characters, there’s some text guides floating around but they’re god awful, does anyone have experience with this thing? Someone on hre has shown off the mod too.

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honestly, never heard of this game. Judging by the MMO aspect, I have to ask if the devs are still banning this kind of softmodding? Information on this thru google is highly inconsistent and now you got me interested

Seen a few people with no issue, just can’t get a hold of them to ask how the hell they pulled it off.

Ah yes, I’ve only played a tiny bit of Blade and Soul(so many MMOs, I gave it a little reverse demo), made an edgelord loli(with black sclera and heterochromatic eyes, one that was red), played for an hour or so, and haven’t touched it since(nothing on the game, I just tried it and fell away, so many games to play, not enough time).

bump please, I really need this.