Is it possible to edit 3D models in 3rd party (not my own) Unity games? [My Time at Portia]

New user, old time lurker. I’ve just been tinkering with a game called My Time at Portia because I’ve found potential for some pretty good WG content (more on that later) but I’ve come a bit stuck when it comes down to actually importing and using 3D models and am wondering whether it’s even possible.

TLDR: Can you replace/modify existing 3D character models in Unity games/this game?

I downloaded UABE and found the file which seems to have all the 3D character models in the game at:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\My Time At Portia\Portia_Data\StreamingAssets\AssetBundles/actor.file
but in order to export the individual models, you have to first uncompress the file so what I’m thinking is that it’d be impossible to re-encrypt a modifed version of character models. Also, I have to export the file to an obj. file type in order to edit it in Photoshop and wouldn’t know how to convert it back into their previous format.

The lack of mods of this nature (the only mods that exist are script mods) makes me think it’s impossible so I haven’t really tried much yet, just confirmed that I can pull at least the models from the game but if anyone has any ideas about how I could then convert them back into the game, would be much appreciated.

The WG content I have in mind is there’s a character you can romance called Ginger who has some kind of medical condition that means she has to sit indoors all the time and is quite weak so she’s always sitting down, saying she can’t walk very far, is appreciative of transport systems, also all her relatives have dialogue lines all relating to eating with her, getting food for her etc. which is why I think it’d be apt to make her a bit fat - also there just aren’t any fat women in the game.

Even without modding the game to make it fit this fetish, I’d like to just have the ability to beef the characters up so they don’t all look 12 years old. It makes romancing them seem a bit weird despite their in game age being like 20 and above…

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Unity is considered an engine, you would need something like Blender to edit the models and to edit the animations to fit the new model.


Ah, sounds a bit more difficult than I thought! Thanks for the reply mate, I knew this site would come to the rescue haha.

Do you reckon it’s easier to copy existing models with their own animations in the game and put them onto the preferred characters and would it be as simple as copying a model and its animations and changing the names of the files to what the name of the new character uses?

Well Unity will accept .fbx files that can either contain the model and the animations or just the animations. Not sure what file type Portlandia uses for their game. If you have the files it should be easy to import the assets and adding them to your own character prefab. But rule of thumb when I use to do modeling years ago was try changing it at least 30% so it can not be considered plagiarism. If that makes any sense, in the end you might need to just create something original.

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Alright thanks man, I’ll tinker around some more and let you know what happens.

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sounds good, good luck

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I’ve given it a go… In UABE I can find all the meshes, monobehaviours etc. and I was going to just change the IDs of one of the characters to another to see if there’d be 2 of the same character in the game just to see if this type of thing is at all possible but in UABE I can’t even edit any of the files, I can only view the data of each one.

So to be honest, I’ve kind of given up. I think it’s really worth looking into if anyone maybe knows Unity and likes this game but I think without a 10 page instructional manual, it’s a bit above my station lol

ALSO: I found a character in the files called fat Dina (I haven’t met in game yet) who’s literally that so there’s premade animations and models for a fat woman, would just need copying to your preferred character to make them fat also (IN THEORY) ← This is a tutorial to mod unity games.

TLDR: Use a tool to disassemble the libraries so you get the original files and then you can edit them in unity. How and what tools to use should be described in the link above.

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Thanks for that, I had a look and tried following it through but it seems to only show you how to edit lines of code like changing attack damage etc.

I tried to give it a go anyway because I thought I might be able to change model IDs (like I mentioned earlier) but “Unity Assets Explorer” the guide told me to use doesn’t respond when I try and load the files I’m supposed to. I left it for like half an hour thinking it was maybe just slowly loading everything but still just always not responding

Asset Explorer apparently doesn’t work anymore, Unity Assets Bundle Extractor should though. ( as the Download) Should work with Unity 2018.

In case there’s still any interest in this My Time in Portia is free on Epic Games today