Is RPG MAker MV Easy to use?

Hello, Um. Long time lurker, wannabe creator. I had some ideas for rpg maker games, and I wanted to ask, how easy is RPG Maker to use for someon who has basically no prior coding knowledge or experience? Could I still make something simple or would it be a frustrating exprience?

im no expert but with practice you get used to it

It’s easier than unity and there are a lot of guides to it

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Fellow lurker and wannabe creator here! I’ve been using it for a project I’m working on currently, and having only a tiny bit of coding experience myself, I feel like it’s fairly easy. SRDude on youtube has a great series for teaching newcomers the basics, and I’ve been able to find solutions to most of my problems via quick google search. I still get stuck sometimes, but it’s usually not for very long and it’s generally a good learning experience when I figure it out.


It’s decently easy. Has some aspects which will be tough to grasp at first if you’ve got no idea what your doing.

But either through here or countless YouTube tutorials, you’ll get what you need.

Like anything it takes practice and patience.
Thankfully, one of the biggest benefits of rpg maker is if does 90% of all the behind the scenes stuff for you. Whereas things like game maker studio and Unity need you to do it all.

So it’s the best form of “plug and play” in terms of making a game.


Thanks all for the input! Will probably be a while before i produce anything showable, but I feel more confident about trying this now.