Is Selective Content Available?

So I am interested in giving Yaffaif a try given the sheer content for it, but I do have one (personal) issue. The sex stuff is not for me in the slighest. Is there a way to turn off sex-related content or any other content like that? I feel like it could be a good quality of life change for some folks


Sadly, at the moment there’s no setting for turning off certain interactions (if there was, I’d make my runs about fattening all NPCs while ignoring the actual story, lmao)

You can manually avoid stuff that would increase your character’s libido but that’s as close as you can get. Sorry, maybe dingotush will add such settings later on if they see this thread

Do you know everything that increases libido or anything similar? Or even just some specific things?

Sadly, I’m not that familiar with the game to be able to tell you with accuracy. It seems to increment very slowly with time? Maybe if you make a character with Strong Dislike for all genders you can avoid sexual content

Again, I haven’t tested this, so I don’t rightly know

There’s no way to turn off the “sex stuff”, but obviously you can avoid most of the things that cause it. In debug mode, the following will limit the base increase in arousal over time:


The gender preferences do nothing at the moment.

I do eventually plan on having some kind of switch at some point, but it’s not a priority.